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The Day Before Gameplay Reveal Just Released!

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BY February 2, 2023

I’ll be honest here. The Day Before has been an emotional rollercoaster for me. And, I’m fairly sure it’s the same for a lot of people. I’ve gone from hype to fear—and vice-versa—more times than I can count. Now, we got something new: The Day Before gameplay reveal.

It’s actually the second time this happens. But, it’s a much more remarkable occurrence. That’s because The Day Before has run into several pitfalls recently. So, it’s started to lose community support.

The Day Before sells as an open-world zombie survival MMO. However, that’s basically everything we know. The developer has mentioned features, like weapon customization. However, Fntastic has been fairly quiet about everything else.

This game came as a godsend along with the release of the The Last of Us show. Given the show’s episode 3’s quality, the hype was real. The game appeared to be everything we wanted. Yet, community speculation hasn’t been kind.

The first trailer was considerably enhanced. And, many content creators argued that the gameplay seemed fake. Plus, it showcased little about the game. Other updates have been received with the same sentiment.

So, can this trailer make things right? Is it different from the others? Do we actually get a look into the game?

Let’s find out.

Good news after months of trips and shenanigans from The Day Before

The history of The Day Before has been pretty eventful. The game was announced in 2021 with a June 2022 release date. It quickly became the most wish-listed game on Steam. Sadly, Fntastic killed expectations quickly.

A month before release, the developer announced a switch to Unreal Engine 5. Thus, the game got delayed to a March 2023 release. Last month, the developer announced another delay.

The reason? It’s pretty hilarious, to be honest.

As Eurogamer reported, Fantastic initially claimed technical issues. A bit later, it revealed the real reason: trademark problems. As it turns out, someone trademarked the game’s name after its announcement. Somehow, they beat the game’s developer to it. Then, Steam blocked the game over a request from the name’s owner.

As a result, the game got delayed for several months, all the way to November 10th. According to the Fntastic, it’s to resolve the issue. Why does it take 9 months? Beats me.

Curiously, they posted today’s gameplay video under The Day Before. It leads me to think they solved the problem. But, they’ll stick to the new release date nonetheless.

Overall, it’s been a hilarious development cycle—at least.

What can we see in The Day Before gameplay reveal?

But, enough about Fntastic’s escapades. Let’s dive into the video itself. Allow me to summarize the The Day Before gameplay reveal first.

Firstly, we see the player character and a companion walking through a street. They quickly come to an abandoned house with a workbench. Here, they treat us to a preview of weapon customization.

The video shows the player modding their assault rifle. They change the stock, handguard, grip, and dust cover. They try several scopes before picking a holographic sight. Also, they add a foregrip and suppressor.

Overall, it looks like a straightforward modding system. But, it definitely gets the job done. We can see later that the suppressor appears to make you stealthier. We can see zombies react only when the unsuppressed gun is shot.

Moving on, the player loots some cabinets, fridges, and vehicles. They do so as they move through the city. In the end, they run into a police station. They kill some zombies—including an armored one. And, the gameplay ends.

As you can imagine, it’s pretty bare-bones. Now, let’s talk about the nuances.

This time, the gameplay does look a bit more real. The camera moves a bit more like what you’d expect. Remember, we have to account for the player showing off the assets as well. We can even see what seems like the player trying to control gun recoil. So, things are looking better there.

Nevertheless, the game looks considerably “worse” than the first reveal. This time, there aren’t any post-FX to make things look prettier. Plus, some animations look a bit stiff.

That said, I’m happy about that. I’m glad the developer is showing a more realistic look into things. But, it does lead to speculation. Maybe they’re using the trademark excuse because the game is in rough shape.

The community’s reaction to The Day Before’s reveal

The community was hyped to see The Day Before’s gameplay reveal. Of course, some were excited for the wrong reasons. As you can see above, some YouTubers even held live watch parties. But, the reception was surprisingly positive.

BigfryTV, the YouTuber above, has been fairly critical of the game. However, he admitted that the reveal looked good. He praised things like weapon modding, graphics, and HUD elements. Yet, he was fairly disappointed that the reveal ended abruptly. He was quick to point out that the initial reveals should’ve been like this one.

Most of the chat agreed on a “MID” quality vote. And, more people voted “Good” over “Bad.” He also went through another video about the developers playing the game. Overall, the presentation was fairly positive.

He also went through another short video showing the developers playing the game. You can find it below.

Later, he released a video covering the release. He claimed it was a “mixed bag” for him. But, he reinstated many of his positive comments from the live stream. You can watch that below as well.

Overall, he echoes many of the community’s comments. Other creators have criticized the graphics quality. But, that’s to be expected without post-FX enhancing everything. Some complained about the gameplay being scripted. Yet, it’s also understandable, given the need to show the game at its best.

Other commentators pointed out that the gameplay looked better and “more human.”

Negative comments revolved around the video not showing anything new. Others complained about it not revealing the scope of the project. And, other people commented on the gameplay looking boring.

But, what do you think about it? At least, it calmed many of my worries!



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