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DC Comics is one of the oldest and most-renowned American comic publishing companies, with stadium-sized collections of superheroes. From Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman to Harley Quinn, Joker, and Darkseid, DC taught us memorable lessons about bravery, loyalty, and inclusive diversity.

Enter the Fascinating World of DC Comics

DC will not disappoint you! Read all comic series of your favorite superhero in detailed designs and interesting storylines. Their bestsellers are definitely of our childhood’s stars – Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Batgirl, Teen Titans, The Flash and more. Your imagination will be challenged and you will be entertained with an action-packed universe.

Some of the Most Popular DC Comics

Below is a short list of some of the most well-known DC franchises (in no particular order):
• The Return of Superman
• Batman Beyond
• Suicide Squad
• Teen Titans GO!
• Harley Quinn
• Young Justice (for kids)
• Dial H for Hero
• Batman and The Outsiders #12
• Wonder Woman And The Justice League Dark: The Witching Hour TP
• Justice League
• … and much more!

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DC ComicsMovies
Who Is Bloodsport? A Look At The Suicide Squad Characters

Now that The Suicide Squad trailer has dropped, fans everywhere are hoping to learn more about some of the new characters that were introduced. We’re here to help! I’m continuing my series of posts looking at […]

May 6, 2021
DC ComicsMovies
New Superman Movie Details: Not Part Of DCEU, Will Be Kal-El, And A Black Director

We’ve got some new information about the forthcoming movie from DC films featuring their most famous Kryptonian. The new Superman movie will be helmed by a Black director, will focus on Kal-El, and won’t be […]

May 5, 2021
DC ComicsTV Shows
Smallville Animated Series Still In The Works, Says Stars

Smallville played an integral part of my youth: the first season premiered when I was in middle school and I continued to watch through college (best way to spend Thursday and Friday nights!) and early adulthood. […]

May 5, 2021
DC ComicsTV Shows
Original Cast Members Tom Cavanagh And Carlos Valdes To Leave The Flash Series Behind

Team Flash is losing two of its original members in season 8, which the CW already ordered. Actors Tom Cavanagh and Carlos Valdes will leave The Flash by the end of the season. Both of […]

May 5, 2021
DC ComicsReviewsTV Shows
Legends Of Tomorrow Season 6 Premiere Good But Felt A Little Off

As per usual, the Legends of Tomorrow season 5 finale was equal parts action-packed, heartfelt, and ridiculous. However, the big cliffhanger moment came when Caity Lotz’s Sara Lance was abducted by aliens. In the Legends […]

May 3, 2021
DC ComicsTV Shows
Sweet Tooth Teaser Trailer Introduces A Tumultuous But Hopeful New World

Sweet Tooth teaser trailer introduces the world to a new Netflix original series based on the hit DC Comics comic book series.

May 3, 2021
COMICSDC ComicsMovies
Starro The Suicide Squad Villain Is Perfect For The Team, Says James Gunn

Several months ago, we reported that footage revealed the Suicide Squad villain as Starro. It was an easy “called it” moment, given that there was a dude in the background with a purple star on […]

May 1, 2021
Finn Wittrock as Green Lantern Guy Gardner Coming to HBO Max

For the longest time, fans speculated over who would play Hal Jordan, or John Stewart, or maybe even Kyle Rayner, in future DCeU Green Lantern productions. But as it turns out, we weren’t even speculating […]

April 30, 2021
DC ComicsTV Shows
Vincent Kartheiser Is Playing Scarecrow on Titans Season 3

We’ve already known that Titans season 3 would be featuring some new characters. For instance, there will now be a Batgirl on Titans. But in addition to Batgirl and Red Hood, we found out during […]

April 30, 2021