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A Quiet Place is Becoming a Video Game with an Original Story

The concept of the first A Quiet Place film was really great. It didn’t reinvent the wheel but offered a cool, mysterious world in which we watched a family fight to survive. While the sequel was […]

BY Taylor Bauer October 27, 2021
Mini Review: Switch Online Nintendo 64 Content – Is it Worth It?

A lot of people who own Nintendo Switch consoles never played a Nintendo 64. The console, released decades ago, still has a role to play in Nintendo’s rich history. The titles released on the company’s […]

BY Taylor Bauer October 27, 2021
Spoiler-Free Tips and Tricks for Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy

The latest Marvel game is here! Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy is a ton of fun for a few reasons. Of course, who doesn’t love these iconic characters? Additionally, the game from Square Enix does […]

BY Taylor Bauer October 26, 2021
The Halo Infinite Campaign Overview Restores Optimism in the Title

At just a little over six minutes, the latest Halo Infinite campaign overview is doing wonders for my optimism. In a surprise announcement Sunday night, 343 Industries announced a new preview of the game’s story mode. […]

BY Taylor Bauer October 26, 2021
Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy Review

Many Marvel fans didn’t know what to expect with Marvel’s Avengers. These aren’t the heroes we recognize in likeness to their MCU counterparts. Comics fans, however, got to see some really cool storylines and character […]

BY Taylor Bauer October 25, 2021
Critical Role Campaign 3 Episode 1 Launches And Takes Place Post-Exandria Unlimited

Critical Role, the Dungeons & Dragons web series that star a bunch of “nerdy ass voice actors and all of their debauchery” just launched their third campaign yesterday, much to the delight of fans everywhere. […]

BY Keilin Huang October 24, 2021
We’re Getting A New Game From The Creator Of Stardew Valley

If you haven’t heard of Stardew Valley, odds are good that someone in your immediate circle has, and they have like 500 hours invested into it on 3 different platforms. They’re probably going to try […]

BY Jessica Kanzler October 22, 2021
The First Uncharted Movie Trailer is Here and It’s Looking Good

The current run of Sony PlayStation exclusives titles is substantial. With great games often come great stories. The Uncharted series is a great example of that. When the games picked up steam in the PS3 era, […]

BY Taylor Bauer October 21, 2021
NHL 22 Review – Small Improvement To A Great Series

I know a lot of people who love the NHL series from EA Sports who don’t even watch much hockey. Since the 90s, the company solidified its hold on the sport’s video game simulations. While the […]

BY Taylor Bauer October 20, 2021
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