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Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury Review

Last September, I wrote a Super Mario 3D World retro review after the announcement of the Switch port. In my review, I made some bold claims about where the game sits in the history of […]

BY Taylor Bauer February 26, 2021
BioWare Cancel Anthem Next, Move Focus to Dragon Age and Mass Effect

I was one of the many people who looked forward to Anthem. I’m also one of the many left wondering what the hell happened. Essentially, BioWare’s big project that wasn’t an established series fell apart from […]

BY Taylor Bauer February 25, 2021
Rogue Heroes: Ruins of Tasos Review

It seems like dungeon-crawling is hot right now. I’m seeing a lot of developers mimic the best in top-down adventure games. Not unlike Breath of the Wild copies, Link to the Past-style games continue to influence […]

BY Taylor Bauer February 25, 2021
The Deadpool Writers are Working on a Twisted Metal TV Show

You ever look back on something and immediately know the decade from which it came? Twisted Metal has that sort of vibe. The Sony game series is a demolition derby of vehicles strapped with machine guns, […]

BY Taylor Bauer February 23, 2021
New Assassin’s Creed Novels Exploring China Storyline

There’s a fine line between a good story and a subpar one in gaming. If you follow the baseline narrative of most AAA games, then they’re often acceptable. The truly great stories, however, feature layers […]

BY Taylor Bauer February 22, 2021
Star Wars Hunters Reveal Evokes Mixed Reactions from Fandom

The Star Wars Hunters reveal at the latest Nintendo Direct leaves a lot of fans feeling conflicted. If you missed the presentation, then here’s the gist. A new Star Wars game is coming out that appears […]

BY Taylor Bauer February 19, 2021
Mortal Kombat Red Band Trailer Wants to Be an Epic Fantasy

How do you turn a fighter game into an action movie without losing the dueling aspect? As we learned from the past Mortal Kombat and Street Fighter attempts, you don’t, really. Those movies are great […]

BY Roman Colombo February 19, 2021
Meet Pyra and Mythra – The Newest Super Smash Bros. Characters

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate fans make a lot of jokes about their favorite game. If you’re into the fandom at all, then you’re probably in on a few of them. For starters, people love tier […]

BY Taylor Bauer February 19, 2021
DC Super Hero Girls: Teen Power Revealed for Switch

The slew of new announcements in this week’s Nintendo Direct included a lot of smaller but exciting titles. One such title is DC Super Hero Girls: Teen Power. The game, which borrows from the Cartoon Network […]

BY Taylor Bauer February 18, 2021
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