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2021 Xbox Exclusives We Know About Right Now

There’s a great lineup of games coming to Xbox Series X/S this year. The 2021 Xbox exclusives we know about right now are enough to make anyone want the console. Unfortunately, like the PS4, the […]

BY Taylor Bauer January 18, 2021
When the Past Was Around Review

I’m slowly playing catch up with a few games I received for review during December. Currently, I’m kicking myself for not playing When The Past Was Around the moment I received it. This game occupied […]

BY Taylor Bauer January 17, 2021
Take Advantage of the Latest Humble Bundle Switch Sale

If you’re disappointed with the lackluster eShop sale for New Year’s, then you’re in luck. A new Humble Bundle Switch sale is live and it’s pretty good. Overall, Nintendo games published by the company don’t […]

BY Taylor Bauer January 15, 2021
Battlefront 2 Free on the Epic Games Store

I’ve long sung praises for the way EA redeemed Star Wars Battlefront 2. What could have been a massive disaster turned into one of my favorite multiplayer shooters. If you haven’t checked out the game, […]

BY Taylor Bauer January 14, 2021
Heads Up, Trainers – Pokemon Snap Release Date Revealed

Pokemon 25 is a year-long celebration highlighting 25 years of Pokemon. From humble beginnings on the Game Boy to a full-fledged media phenomenon, everyone knows Pokemon. Even your friends and family that don’t game can probably point […]

BY Taylor Bauer January 14, 2021
Are Star Wars Video Games Canon to Disney and Lucasfilm?

Let’s talk about Star Wars canon; what could possibly go wrong? I try to avoid too many conversations with friends and fellow fans about the canonical nature of the Star Wars empire. If you enjoy the […]

BY Taylor Bauer January 14, 2021
Star Wars Ubisoft Game to be Open-World

There’s a lot to be said about a great open-world game. You want to lose yourself in the experience. You want to feel a part of the world. Most of all, you want an immersive […]

BY Taylor Bauer January 13, 2021
Super Mario 3D World Trailer Previews New Bowser Content

I’m on the record here at Comic Years as a huge fan of the Wii U. Much like the GameCube, Nintendo’s less popular eras often leave really great games behind. Luckily, Nintendo ported most of […]

BY Taylor Bauer January 12, 2021
Gotham Knights Developer Preview Provides Insights to New Game

There are a lot of game series that try to bring established worlds to the video game medium. One of the most popular ways to do this in the past was games based on movies. […]

BY Taylor Bauer January 11, 2021