GameStop Closing Hundreds of Stores for Second Straight Year

There are a lot of retail stores taking a hit to sales and profits amidst COVID-19 closures. For some businesses, the economic frailty emerging from the global pandemic halts progress. For other retailers, the Coronavirus […]

BY Taylor Bauer March 29, 2020
Coronavirus Nintendo Switch Shortage – Where to Find the Console

The shelter in place orders around the U.S. is leading some to consider how to best spend their downtime. Unfortunately, the COVID-19 pandemic is leading to shortages in a lot of different retail items, including […]

BY Taylor Bauer March 28, 2020
March 26 Nintendo Direct Mini – Full Rundown

Nintendo surprised fans with a March 26 Nintendo Direct Mini, featuring new updates and reveals. Find out what you missed below with a full rundown of announcements. Be sure to let us know your favorite […]

BY Taylor Bauer March 26, 2020
Plague Inc is Donating $250k to COVID-19 Fight

When the COVID-19 outbreak entered the public consciousness, the threat seemed minimal. A few people caught a “bad flu,” and memes circulated. The main source of meme material was Plague Inc,  the game where you […]

BY Taylor Bauer March 25, 2020
Nintendo is Fighting Dreams Creations with Sony’s Help

The game Dreams is a sandbox-style creation experience where players make their own games. The footage so far is incredibly entertaining. Some creators are going above and beyond, while others make some truly disturbing stuff. A […]

BY Taylor Bauer March 23, 2020
Sonic Passes Detective Pikachu for Top Domestic Video Game Movie

Before it got a chance to enter the Eastern film market, Sonic the Hedgehog zoomed past the competition here in the States. In fact, Sonic seriously released at the perfect time. Movie theaters are now […]

BY Taylor Bauer March 19, 2020
Fan Starts Petition to Convince Funko Pop to Make GTA Collectible Figures

In the old days, the bygone days before the internet connected everything, it could be hard to get things done. If you wanted to, say, encourage a company to do something, you had to write […]

BY Comic Years Staff March 19, 2020
GAMINGPop Culture
The Simpsons Video Games – Five All-Time Favorites

A lot of Disney+ subscribers are enjoying a trip down memory lane. More specifically, a trip down Evergreen Terrace and the complete archive of every Simpsons episode of its first 30 seasons. The Simpsons helped […]

BY Taylor Bauer March 18, 2020
Gaming During Social Distancing – Why Digital Connections Matter

There’s a lot of news breaking right now about the development of the Coronavirus. First and foremost, I just want to extend my good wishes and thoughts to everyone affected by what’s happening. It’s tough […]

BY Taylor Bauer March 17, 2020
Animal Crossing New Horizons Petition for Early Release

Online petitions are the new normal for much of pop culture. When Game of Thrones ended quite poorly, fans petitioned to get the eighth season re-shot and re-written. Likewise, most angry fan bases get some […]

BY Taylor Bauer March 16, 2020