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Ubisoft’s The Division Universe Explained – New Games, Movies, and More

Since 2016, The Division has been Ubisoft’s most interesting endeavor. No online-focused shooter captured my attention quite like the first game in the series. The Division 2 was a good follow-up, and now it’s time to […]

BY Taylor Bauer May 8, 2021
Baldur’s Gate: Dark Alliance Re-Release Coming to Consoles

One of the finest memories I have as a young gamer was discovering Baldur’s Gate: Dark Alliance. I didn’t know what Dungeons & Dragons was. I also hadn’t ever played a game like Dark Alliance. The entire experience was […]

BY Taylor Bauer May 7, 2021
Game Builder Garage for Switch, Game-Making Game Announced

Is it inherent that fans of a certain type of entertainment want a go at making something within that industry? I know a lot of diehard film fans who work casually on screenplays. I have […]

BY Taylor Bauer May 7, 2021
Tony Hawk 1+2 Remastered Switch Release Date Announced

It’s a mixed bag seeing AAA games ported to the Nintendo Switch. On the one hand, the capabilities of other consoles are far greater. That said, the portability of the Switch and its expansive, diverse […]

BY Taylor Bauer May 6, 2021
Xbox Game Pass Titles For May 2021

We’re in a weird place with the Xbox ecosystem. As Xbox fans watch games like Reternal and Ratchet and Clank hit the PS5, the Series X|S hasn’t had its first hit as of yet. That’s […]

BY Taylor Bauer May 5, 2021
How Many of the Top 10 Best-Selling Star Wars Games Have You Played?

I liked the Star Wars movies a lot as a kid. The video games, however, really hooked me to the franchise. As someone who always loved video games, the feeling of being in the Star Wars […]

BY Taylor Bauer May 4, 2021
Sales Numbers For New Pokémon Snap Off To A Picture-Perfect Start

It’s not necessarily surprising that the latest Pokémon game is doing well in sales. In its first weekend, New Pokémon Snap outsold its predecessor in a big way. To be fair, the predecessor was released […]

BY Taylor Bauer May 4, 2021
Aztech Forgotten Gods Game Is Getting a Film Adaptation

We talk a lot about comic book and novel adaptations over here at Comic Years. Though, more recently, we have seen plenty of successful video game adaptations hitting the big screen, too! From the surprisingly […]

BY Meghan Hale May 2, 2021
MLB The Show 21 Review For Xbox

What a time to be alive. After years of exclusivity on PlayStation consoles, MLB The Show 21 arrives on Xbox. You can even play this game via Game Pass. It’s truly remarkable to see the […]

BY Taylor Bauer April 29, 2021