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Making Sense of the Latest PlayStation and Xbox News

We finally have a new generation on our hands. There are plenty of people who disliked how this console reveal season took place. That’s fair, but to also be fair, we’ve never released gaming consoles […]

BY Taylor Bauer September 19, 2020
Tony Hawk 1+2 Remastered Review

When I approach a remaster, I always keep in mind a few things. Firstly, whether or not I played the game in the past matters. Fond memories and nostalgia can go a long way. It’s […]

BY Taylor Bauer September 18, 2020
The Glorious Star Wars: Squadrons Short Movie Is A Story About The Other Side

Star Wars: Squadrons short movie showcases a story from the side of the Empire in a visually stunning and brilliant short movie.

BY Shah Shahid September 18, 2020
PlayStation 5 Showcase – Full Rundown of the Event

Yesterday’s PlayStation 5 showcase made a strong argument for why Sony won’t willingly yield its crown. From first-party exclusives to a competitive pricing plan, the PS5 is shaping up to be a success. Here’s our […]

BY Taylor Bauer September 17, 2020
Sony PS5 Price Reveal – Cost and Release Date

Today, Sony held an event to launch the date and price of their next-gen consoles. It’s fun to see what each company is doing to approach the release of their new hardware. Xbox nailed their […]

BY Taylor Bauer September 16, 2020
Baulder’s Gate 3 Preview Guide

I have insanely fand memories of the original Baulder’s Gate games. Before I even knew or understood Dungeons and Dragons, I was immersed in this series. The original games are some of the most famous […]

BY Taylor Bauer September 16, 2020
Kingdoms of Amalur: Re-Reckoning Review

When Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning released in 2012, it was the closest thing you get in gaming to famous musicians forming a supergroup. Ken Rolston, who worked on The Elder Scrolls games, served as the executive designer; author […]

BY Taylor Bauer September 15, 2020
NBA 2K21 Switch Review

When it comes to the Nintendo Switch, there are a lot of things to love. Unfortunately, some AAA games can leave Switch gamers out to dry. With a lot of questions surrounding more frequent series […]

BY Taylor Bauer September 14, 2020
The Scott Pilgrim vs. the World Game Is Coming Back!

You may be wondering why Scott Pilgrim vs. the World seems to be in the news so much. After all, didn’t it come out forever ago? Well, that’s because it’s the film’s 10th anniversary year! Bryan Lee […]

BY Meghan Hale September 12, 2020
GAMINGPop Culture
Surprising Xbox News: There Might Be a Third Console Coming

When Microsoft announced that new consoles were coming, they had three codenames. One name, Anaconda, referred to the Xbox Series X. Lockhart ended up referencing the Series S. A third codename is still yet unrelated […]

BY Taylor Bauer September 12, 2020