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A genuine global, cultural phenomenon, Nintendo brings its iconic characters, unique concepts, and future classics to the world and we’ll tell you all about them.

Pokemon Presents Rundown – What You Need to Know

As a lifelong Pokemon fan, it’s insane to me that the series turns 25 this year. I only have a one-year advantage on the historic game franchise. That’s probably why I can’t really remember a time […]

February 28, 2021
Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury Review

Last September, I wrote a Super Mario 3D World retro review after the announcement of the Switch port. In my review, I made some bold claims about where the game sits in the history of […]

February 26, 2021
Star Wars Hunters Reveal Evokes Mixed Reactions from Fandom

The Star Wars Hunters reveal at the latest Nintendo Direct leaves a lot of fans feeling conflicted. If you missed the presentation, then here’s the gist. A new Star Wars game is coming out that appears […]

February 19, 2021
Meet Pyra and Mythra – The Newest Super Smash Bros. Characters

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate fans make a lot of jokes about their favorite game. If you’re into the fandom at all, then you’re probably in on a few of them. For starters, people love tier […]

February 19, 2021
DC ComicsGAMINGNintendo
DC Super Hero Girls: Teen Power Revealed for Switch

The slew of new announcements in this week’s Nintendo Direct included a lot of smaller but exciting titles. One such title is DC Super Hero Girls: Teen Power. The game, which borrows from the Cartoon Network […]

February 18, 2021
Mario Golf Super Rush Could Be Nintendo’s 2021 Hidden Gem

The 2021 lineup for Nintendo is a bit strange. Fans hope that a Breath of the Wild 2 reveal might still take place. In all honesty, that seems far from plausible at this point. The latest […]

February 18, 2021
February 17 Nintendo Direct Rundown – All Game Reveals

In the words of Gucci Mane, “it feels so good to be back.” The last full Nintendo Direct occurred on September 4, 2019. Nintendo presented smaller showcases in between then and now, but nothing like […]

February 17, 2021
Leak: Star Wars Republic Commando Coming Soon for Switch

Overall, the announcement of Lucasfilm Games is exciting for Star Wars fans. Many of us remember a time where everyone who could get their hands on it made a game for the franchise. The quality control might […]

February 15, 2021
Aground Review – Mine, Build, And Survive Uncharted Worlds

Every few months or so, I return to Minecraft like the prodigal son. The open-world element is highly cathartic for me when I’m particularly overwhelmed or stressed. The beauty of an open-world game is that you’re […]

February 13, 2021