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There are so many animatedTV showsthat has been with us since our childhood. They provided us with laughter, love, friendships, and great stories to remember. Animated series are harder to rank as some just happen to click with us, and the wonderful art and motion never fails to impress.

Enter the Fascinating World of Animation TV Shows

The world of animation can be sweet and innocent, funny and mature, or creepy and thrilling. Anime is one big aspect in the entertainment industry, and though there are not real people in it, they can are memorable and impactful. They are all age-appropriate, suitable not just for children but adults as well.

Some of the Most Popular Animation TV Shows

Below is a short list of some of the most well-known animation TV shows (in no particular order):

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At Comic Years, we believe that the animation genre is of high art status that are able to show you a whole new world. Every illustration and scene have been created with talented artists and directors, and it is a shame to miss it out. Hence, watch every animated film and write about them so you know more about the history and latest news and the best of animation genre.

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