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Microsoft may own the PC gaming market, but they are no slouch when it comes to consoles either. The Xbox continues to be one of the premiere gaming consoles and communities out there. We’ll tell you all you need to know to keep up with them.

New Titles on Xbox Game Pass for February 2021

The Game Pass library is off to a bit of a weak start. January didn’t bring a ton of great entries to the service. Still, the proof of the service is in the pudding. The […]

February 16, 2021
The Medium Shows a New Approach for Xbox Games Studios

Let’s set aside hype for the Xbox Series X/S for now. Let’s even forget about the interesting acquisitions taking place at Microsoft. Xbox Game Studios is a promising venture, but there needs to be concrete […]

February 2, 2021
Fall Guys Game Pass Mixup Confuses and Disappoints Players

One of 2020’s hottest games was Fall Guys. Forget guns, forget forts, forget everything you know about battle royale games. Fall Guys pits players against one another in simple, chaotic mini-games. Last until the end and […]

January 20, 2021
More January Game Pass Games are on the Way

Good news, Xbox fans! There are more January Game Pass games on the way. This includes the first Xbox Game Studios Series X/S exclusive! Don’t worry if you haven’t secured a next-gen console yet. Overall, […]

January 20, 2021
2021 Xbox Exclusives We Know About Right Now

There’s a great lineup of games coming to Xbox Series X/S this year. The 2021 Xbox exclusives we know about right now are enough to make anyone want the console. Unfortunately, like the PS4, the […]

January 18, 2021
How Microsoft Tried to Buy Nintendo, and Why It Didn’t Happen

The world of video games, at the end of the day, isn’t dissimilar to other industries. The business world thrives on mergers, acquisitions, and all sorts of deals. That means a lot of companies end […]

January 7, 2021
Injustice 2, PES 2021 Joining Game Pass January 2021 Lineup

I’m excited for what 2021 could mean for Xbox Game Pass. If the Bethesda acquisition and future exclusive titles are all in one place for a low price, then I’m there. The latest Xbox Game […]

January 6, 2021
Xbox 360 Halo Servers are Finally Going Offline

The Xbox 360-era is unrecognizable without the force of Halo. For years, players logged online in droves to play the series. The IP is one of the most recognizable in gaming. From Master Chief to the […]

December 21, 2020
Chronos: Before the Ashes Review

Gunfire Games caught everyone’s attention with 2019’s Remnant: From The Ashes. The prequel to this title, Chronos: Before the Ashes has plenty of differences from the 2019 release. Instead of guns this time around, you’re a sword […]

December 11, 2020