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Destiny 2 Solstice Event Starting Today

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BY July 18, 2023

It’s a solid month for gamers. The Destiny 2 Solstice event joins the ranks of summer releases today. Gamers are already waiting for Genshin Impact Overture. Now, they have a solid event in the meantime.

Destiny 2 has changed enough to be a shadow of its release self. We have the Lightfall Neo map and the Arc 3.0 update before. Sure, this update isn’t the same size. However, it does add a few interesting twists.

Destiny 2 Solstice free event spicing up this summer

The Solstice free event will last for a few weeks. It starts today, July 18, and ends on August 8. So, it’s a fairly short event to celebrate the summer solstice with new content. The event adds a new weapon, buffs, and armor.

Easily, the most attractive addition is the solstice armors. They have a 19th-century feel with the decorations. That said, the Bonfire Bash is also a great idea for players to flaunt their new drip.

Solstice free event adding a first-ever weapon and more

destiny 2 solstice free event new weapon I have a feeling this will be nerfed in weeks after release. (Image credit: Bungie)

As mentioned, the Solstice armors are fantastic. However, that’s not everything in the Destiny 2 Solstice event. One of these additions is the first Strand Rocket Launcher in the game.

The rocket launcher has a solid perk pool. You can add autoloading, field prep, chain reaction, and more. The Dreamwork perk partially refills your ammo on assists.

Players also get a bunch of event challenges and new rewards. You can enjoy most of this content for free. But, you can also upgrade the event card for more prizes. Lastly, we have sunglasses for purchase.

New Buffs coming with Destiny 2 Solstice free event

destiny 2 solstice free event buffs New ways to become overpowered are always appreciated. (Image credit: Bungie)

Lastly, the Solstice free event adds a couple of new buffs. Luckily, these seem to balance fun and power. In other words, they’re not too overpowered. Yet, they let you buff your power fantasy.

The two buffs are fairly simple. Firstly, we have the Firebound buff. It simply speeds up your health and super energy recovery. The other buff is Flare. It’s an aura that damages enemies too close to you.


Featured Image Credit: Bungie



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