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Dungeon of the Endless Giveaway for Free Until July 27th

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BY July 24, 2023

The Dungeon of the Endless Giveaway is free for everyone until July 27th. Anyone with a Steam account can add it to their library. Probably, this is to celebrate the upcoming release of Endless Dungeon.

Dungeon of the Endless is a roguelike dungeon crawler. No, it’s not like Dungeons & Dragons, though. It’s more akin to Darkest Dungeon in its visuals and genre. If you’ve played Minecraft Dungeons, you’re quite familiar with it.

So, how can you get it?

How to get the Dungeon of the Endless giveaway

dungeon of the endless giveaway It’s as easy as clicking that button next to the discount amount.

Getting Dungeon of the Endless for free is pretty straightforward. You just need a Steam account. From there, you head over to the game’s official Steam page. There, you can find the “Add to Account” button. Just click it and download the game.

The game is a combination of dungeon crawling and tower defense. You need to protect a generator while exploring. Your goal is to find an escape before losing your generator or dying. Also, you can play it with friends. Just make sure you get it before July 27th.

Getting the most out of Dungeon of the Endless for free

dungeon of the endless levels There’s already a ton of content in the base game, plus the DLCs. (Image credit: AMPLITUDE Studios | Sega)

As a roguelike, the Dungeon of the Endless giveaway already offers a ton of content. Any roguelike can swallow hours before getting repetitive. That said, there’s a lot of extra content for the game. Yes, I’m talking about DLC.

DLC in Dungeon of the Endless is a nice exception. Virtually all DLC is either free or around a Dollar. Thus, you can add even more content if you get bored. Therefore, this giveaway can set you up for at least a week.

Dungeon of the Endless giveaway before its sequel

dungeon of the endless gameplay It’s a great way to get ready for blood-pumping roguelike action. (Image credit: AMPLITUDE Studios | Sega)

Additionally, this giveaway might be preparing us for Endless Dungeon. The sequel is coming out in October. Just keep in mind that it changes the original game’s formula. It’s more of a traditional roguelike, with less strategy.

Instead, you just have to focus on progressing and becoming stronger. So, don’t think Dungeon of the Endless is a perfect practice ground. Still, being free and unique means it’s an easy recommendation for anyone.


Featured Image Credit: AMPLITUDE Studios | Sega.



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