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Dark Horse Comics began in 1986 as just a two-book operation. Today, they’ve become one of the most beloved comics publishers in the industry. If you love Hellboy, The Mask, or Sin City, you have Dark Horse Comics to thank for giving those stories the kind of platform other publishers wouldn’t. Whether telling their original stories or expanded the worlds of licensed franchises, Dark Horse Comics are some of the finest examples of the comic book medium you can find.

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Get Ready To Possibly Never Return: Season 3 Of The Umbrella Academy Set At Hotel Oblivion

While fans have eagerly been awaiting the third season of The Umbrella Academy to drop, Netflix gave viewers a juicy teaser on the show’s birthday, confirming that Season 3 of Umbrella Academy is set at Hotel Oblivion and will […]

October 11, 2021
COMICSDark HorseIndependent
Dark Horse Comics Goes To Jinxworld With A New Indie Comic From Brian Michael Bendis

While Brian Michael Bendis is best known for his runs on Daredevil, Avengers, and, most recently, Superman, he also has several great independent comics and graphic novels. Torso, Scarlet, Murder, Inc, and Powers, just to […]

August 17, 2021
COMICSDark HorseIndependent
Scott Snyder ComiXology Exclusive Indie Deal Is One Of The Biggest In Indie Comic History

Now that Scott Snyder is finished bringing his brand of event insanity to DC Comics, he’s off making his own indie comics. And he finished at DC Comics with a bang – a headbang, that […]

August 3, 2021
A Dark Horse Comics Games Studio Is Ready To Grow Their Brand

Dark Horse Comics is home to a ton of characters and worlds. Plenty of people know Hellboy or Conan the Barbarian. That said, countless other interesting characters are underutilized outside of comics. Movies and TV are always an […]

June 2, 2021
Dark HorseMovies
Blake Lively, Diablo Cody Team For Lady Killer Adaptation

Dark Horse Entertainment, a division of Dark Horse Comics, is moving forward on a Lady Killer adaptation for Netflix. Blake Lively and Diablo Cody will adapt the series to film. Here are the details so […]

May 8, 2021
COMICSDark HorseImageIndependent
What Monthly Indie Comics You Should Read This November

The days are growing darker, the weather’s getting colder, but the comics are getting better. But after a hard summer of playing the delay and catch-up game, things are returning to normal…ish. So, what does […]

November 5, 2020
COMICSDark HorseIDWImageIndependent
What Indie Graphic Novels You Should Read October 2020

It’s Halloween! Forget calling it October; we all know it’s the month of Halloween. All Hollow’s Eve. Age of the Pumpkin Spiced Latté.  Regardless of what you call October, we have a great selection of […]

October 5, 2020
BooksCOMICSDark Horse
Neil Gaiman’s Norse Mythology Will Become A Comic Book Series From Dark Horse

Comic book lovers know Neil Gaiman as the author of the wildly popular Sandman series. Genre fans love Neil Gaiman for his novels like Neverwhere and Good Omens (with the late Sir Terry Pratchett). Now Gaiman is returning […]

October 1, 2020
Dark HorseGAMINGTabletop
Play In The World Of Hellboy With New RPG Kickstarter Campaign

Despite the recent movie’s lack of success, Hellboy still has a lot of fans out there. So, Mantic Games and Dark Horse Comics are partnering together to develop a tabletop role-playing game. Though not officially […]

August 3, 2020
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