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Marvel Comics Debuts a New All-British Team, The Union…and It Did Not Go Over Well

Oomph. Whatever magic Marvel hit with Dawn of X and all of its various launches doesn’t seem to be working for Empyre, the next major Marvel Blockbuster event. One of the series that Marvel Comics […]

BY Roman Colombo February 26, 2020
Marvel Cancels Over 50 Upcoming Variant Editions—Which Will Severely Impact Comic Stores

As the Comic Industry slowly tries to bounce back from the nationwide lockdown, we’re going to see a lot of major changes. DC Comics now has a large line of “Digital First” comics, are using […]

BY Roman Colombo May 29, 2020
TV Shows
Disney+’s Daredevil Reboot Will Include New Love Interests

A recent report hints that the upcoming Disney+ Daredevil reboot will feature Matt Murdock’s love interests. Fans were shocked to see Matt Murdock, aka Daredevil, ensue in a legal battle with She-Hulk in the recently concluded She-Hulk: Attorney […]

BY Paul Guazo December 7, 2022
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