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New Mutants #13: X of Swords Chapter Seven Presents Some of the X-Men’s Best Warriors…and Doug

Apocalypse. Wolverine. Storm. Magik. Cable. Gorgon. Lionheart. Captain Britain. Magneto. Doug? When Polaris recited the riddle of the ten sword bearers in X-Factor #4: X of Swords Chapter Two, most of the champions weren’t surprising. […]

BY Roman Colombo October 19, 2020
Kevin Smith Releases First BTS Video: ‘Jay and Silent Bob Reboot’

All is set for the long-awaited film Jay and Silent Bob Reboot to be released sometime this fall. As the producers of the Kevin’s Smith movie get set for the release date, they are now […]

BY Randy Brooks March 15, 2019
Anime NewsTV Shows
Godzilla Singular Point Anime Teaser Trailer Is A Total Throwback To The Franchise

Godzilla Singular Point anime teaser trailer is a classic throwback to the Godzilla franchise that brings iconic tropes back to the show.

BY Shah Shahid November 2, 2020