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Tron 3 Might Be in Development, but What Does That Mean for the Franchise?

It’s been an entire decade since TRON: Legacy came out. Now, that may seem surprising. But then you remember that it’s been almost 40 years since the first TRON released in 1982. That’s quite the time gap between […]

BY Meghan Hale July 8, 2020
Pop Culture
The History of Batman Day, A Marketing Ploy That Might Become a Real Fan ‘Holiday’

Inevitably, when someone mentions Batman Day, a joke comparing it to Christmas will surely follow. Saying “it seems earlier every year” or “it’s just too commercial” are the top choices, because in only the sixth […]

BY Joshua M. Patton September 21, 2019
TV Shows
Star Trek: Lower Decks Gets Early Premiere, Can They Make Starfleet Funny?

Star Trek fans in the United States are going to get a new series from CBS All Access set in the universe, though international fans will have to wait. Thanks to the COVID-19 lockdown, schedules […]

BY Joshua M. Patton August 6, 2020