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Cable #6: X of Swords Chapter Nineteen Is the Darkest Chapter So Far—and Another Mutant Dies (Spoilers)

After the whirlwind of challenges in Chapter Eighteen (X-Force #14), Cable #6: X of Swords Chapter Nineteen slows the action down a lot. In doing so, Gerry Duggan and Phil Noto deliver the most painful […]

November 27, 2020
Hellions #6: X of Swords Chapter Eighteen Does Not Go Well for the Mutant Misfits

Early in X of Swords, Mister Sinister and his Hellions went on a mission to find the swords of Arakko before they could. If they succeeded, Arakko would have had to forfeit. But since we’ve […]

November 25, 2020
X-Force #14: X of Swords Chapter Seventeen Features Little Plot, Big Fun—and Another Can’t Miss Battle (So Many Spoilers!)

In the previous two chapters, Saturnyne turned the entire tournament on its head. Instead of sword fight after sword fight, the matches included a wedding, a drinking contest, and an arm-wrestling match. X-Force #14: X […]

November 23, 2020
Wolverine #7: X of Swords Chapter Sixteen Puts Logan Through the Multidimensional Gauntlet

The Tournament of Swords finally began in chapter sixteen (Excalibur #14). So far, the score is Arakko: 2, Krakoa: 1. Since Doug Ramsey and Bei the Blood Moon agreed to marriage, Saturnyne awarded both teams […]

November 22, 2020
Cooking with Deadpool is Exactly What We Need Right Now

Have you run out of new recipes to try? Well, how does a stabby meat stick sound? Just think of how warm and juicy that meat stick will feel in your mouth. How flavorful. Oh, […]

November 21, 2020
Excalibur #14: X of Swords Chapter Fifteen Offers Both Love and Tragedy (Recap/Review with Spoilers)

At the end of X of Swords Chapter Fourteen, Saturnyne drew the first two cards to compete in the tournament: Isca the Unbeaten and Captain Britain. Immediately, there’s a sense of foreboding since Isca is, […]

November 20, 2020
Carrie Harris on Xavier’s Institute: Liberty and Justice for All and Her Love of X-Men

This week, we got the release of Aconyte’s newest Marvel prose novel, Xavier’s Institute: Liberty and Justice for All, by Carrie Harries. The novel focuses on two students that Brian Michael Bendis created during his […]

November 17, 2020
Marauders #15: X of Swords Chapter Fourteen has More Dinner, More Shenanigans, More Set Up (Recap/Review with Spoilers!)

Considering that the X-Men writing team decided to spend two issues on the Parley Dinner, maybe we should pay attention to the many altercations and moments of banter. While this definitely feels like a filler […]

November 16, 2020
MarvelTV Shows
WandaVision Premiere Date And Episode Count Announced By Disney+

The premiere date for WandaVision, the first MCU TV series on Disney+, was announced along with the show’s episode count. This series was supposed to be the second offering from Marvel Studios’ new TV department, […]

November 13, 2020
Marauders #14: X of Swords Chapter Thirteen is an Awkward and Brilliant Parley Dinner (Recap/Review with Spoilers)

Now that all the Arakkii and Krakoan warriors are in the Starlight Citadel, it’s time to battle…over dinner. Lady Saturnyne really does love chaos. She forces 19 people that she’s about to make fight to […]

November 12, 2020