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Who is Skaar, The Half Hulk, Half Shadow Warrior?

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BY June 29, 2023

In the Marvel Comics storyline “Planet Hulk”, many things happened, including discovering that the Hulk had a son with Caiera, an alien. His name is Skaar, and he is the half-Hulk, half-Shadow warrior. Let’s take a look at this exciting character from the House of Ideas.  

Who is Skaar?

Marvel Hulk Son Image: Marvel Comics

To know who Skaar is, it is necessary to go back to the history of the Hulk from the end of his days. When the Hulk ceased to be the hero and became a threat to Earth. After freeing his people from the Red King and living like a god, he ends up losing everything.

With the alien Caiera, Hulk had Skaar, who unfortunately died in the same ship that took him to Caiera’s planet. This led him to take revenge against all those who had to do with the loss of his family.

The Hulk was unaware that Skaar had not died because he emerged from a cocoon. When he emerged, he was the equivalent age of a pre-teenager. Developing rapidly in just one year, he completed the appearance of an adult.

From a very early age, he learned to kill as part of the upbringing instilled by the savage creatures of his home planet. This helped him to position himself among his own kind and to have a respectable place.

Even though his mother was dead, Skaar could communicate with her spirit. But when Galactus, the devourer of worlds, destroyed his planet, he could not help it. Yes, he develops a hatred for his father and decides to take revenge.

Skaar Publication History

By 2007, from the hand of writer Greg Pak and artist John Romita came Skaar. Making his first appearance in What If? Planet Hulk. In 2008, he appeared canonically in World War Hulk #5.

Then, by 2009, he had his own series, Skaar: Son of the Hulk, containing 12 issues. To follow with Planet Skaar, which introduces the story of how Skaar arrives on Earth.

In #13 appears a new writer, Paul Jenkins, who focused his attention on another son of Bruce Banner, Hiro – Kala. That series lasted until #17. The story of that son is compiled in a miniseries, where the union to the Kingdom of Kings of the Hulk happens.

When Greg Pak took over as writer in The Incredible Hulk, with issue #601, we see how Skaar is allied with the power of Bruce Banner. Also, he appeared as a regular character in the Dark Avengers series.

Skaar Story

Skaar's She-Hulk and MCU connections, explained - Polygon Image: Marvel Comics

Skaar’s history has stages; we tell you about them:


To talk about Skaar’s origin, it is necessary to go back to his parents, Hulk and Caiera. The couple conceived their son on Caiera’s planet, Skaar. But, his story did not start very well. Motherless, and after his father’s departure from his home planet, he emerges from a cocoon.

For his ancestors, this cocoon is to acquire the abilities of Oldstrong. So, when he came out, he had the appearance of a pre-adolescent, and in a short time, he developed the appearance and intelligence of an adult.

Since his early appearance on his planet, he proved to be a fierce and capable general, being the main enemy of Axeman Bone. After some time, he could acquire energy from his own planet, based on the “Old Power” stone.

One of his abilities is communicating with his deceased mother, Caiera. This warrior, Skaar, initiates a battle against Bone, but it is in vain, only delaying the escape of his people from the destruction wrought by Galactus, the devourer of worlds.

While this is happening, his mother, Caiera, takes the Ancient Power given to Skaar, trying to reason with him that it is for the good of his planet. They know that the energy emanating from his poses can satiate Galactus’ hunger for over a hundred thousand years.

But, contrary to Caiera’s belief, Silver Surfer restores the Ancient Power to Skaar, showing him the death and destruction of all the inhabitants of his planet. Therefore, Skaar destroys all the evacuation ships.

This led Caeira to exile her son and wait for Galactus to consume all his energy. But first, she took the Ancient Power away from Skaar again. In her opinion, The decision he took was not the right one.

Arrival on Earth

Skaar, in the end, did not learn his lesson at all. And in his thirst for revenge, he arrives on Earth to kill his father, Hulk. Previously he came into conflict with several U.S. military and other superheroes like the Fantastic 4.

Then, he met the Hulk and started their fight. In their fight, he makes a fissure that endangers a nearby nuclear plant. But, he stops his attack when he realizes that the version of this Hulk is very different from that of “World War Hulk”, who was the one who conceived him.

Therefore, he alerts everyone of the nuclear plant’s fissure since that Hulk is not the one he wants to destroy. He thus declares Earth as his new home and stays to live there.

Later, Skaar meets Bruce Banner, who cannot become the Hulk, his powers being stolen by the Red Hulk. Knowing who he is, he does not want to kill him; he is aware that they are two completely different entities.

Banner offers to help Skaar teach him how to confront and kill the Hulk should he ever appear again. Of course, all this was nothing more than a ploy to supervise his son and instill in him his fatherly wisdom.

This father was trying to turn his wild son into a true hero. Therefore, he began training, which led him to fight with other villains. He started with Juggernaut, demonstrating his physical strength.

He followed the lessons with encounters with Wolverine, Daken, Moonstone, Marlos Chandler, the Mole Man, and many more. The idea was for him to hone his skills by defeating each.

Skaar was Proclaimed as a Superhero

After facing the army of Moloids and defeating them, Skaar was proclaimed a superhero and a parade was held in his honor. After this, there is a confrontation with Red Hulk, which angers Banner.

Banner needed to transform himself privately, without his son seeing him as the Hulk. But it was not so; Skaar managed to teleport with his father’s technology.

This is how when on that planet there is a battle with Doctor Doom, the biggest villain there, Skaar intervenes, and no one would steal the honor of killing the Hulk. Skaar should have thought that he could be in a human form, which was made effective with the magic that Fate girded for him.

Banner immediately intervenes, rescuing his son. He wants to show his love but is immediately rebuffed; the hatred is far greater.

Helping The Avengers

9 Other Superhero Children You Didn't Know About In Marvel Comics Image: Marvel Comics

When there is the “Fall of the Pontoons”, the plot of “The Dark Son”, and “The World War of the Hulk”, Skaar comes to the aid of the Avengers, confronting Red She-Hulk.

Here a story with a group of villains is involved, everything takes place in Washinton, DC, and the genius Amadeus Cho intervenes. Banner resurfaces as the Hulk in this plot and grants Skaar to take him on.

When the fight ensues, the Hulk saves several people who were endangered by their confrontation. As a result, Skaar ceases his attack, seeing this compassion from his father. But, contrary to expectations, the Hulk continues his attack and leads Skaar to take his human form.

Realizing his actions were similar to Banner’s abusive father, the Hulk voluntarily returned to his human form. There he expressed his love for his son, who accepted him, and they embraced him.

In this way, Hulk and Skaar’s struggle together had just begun. When the story “Chaos War” took place, he helped his friends and his father to confront the forces of the Amatsu-Mikaboshi. Likewise, he helps the Hulk fight his grandfather, Brian Banner, who has returned from the dead.

Likewise, when Ka-Zar contacts Hulk, he accompanies his father and Warbound to the Savage Land. This team was to investigate how some of the natives of his planet were being killed. 

They discover that the insectoid Miek is involved. He sought to store his offspring in the bodies of Sakaarians. Hulk tries to assassinate them, and Skaar prevents him. Therefore Skaar decides to stay in Savage Land to take care of them.

Initially, many thought that Norman Osborn had recultured Skaar to form The Dark Avengers. However, later we discovered that he was a double agent and helped the Avengers rescue Captain America, who was kidnapped.

Skaar’s Powers and Abilities

Skaar Son of Hulk #12 - Wrap-Around - Ed McGuiness – Comic Kingdom Creative Image: Marvel Comics

Skaar has the privilege of having parents, both with powers, so it was not strange for him to inherit his virtues from them. Thus, from the Hulk, he possesses powers that increase when he is enraged, such as:

  • Superhuman resistance gives him high capacity in combat.
  • Regenerative abilities when he is wounded.
  • Superhuman strength and durability, which could break Juggernaut’s armor.

On the other hand, Caiera inherited the abilities and powers of the Oldstrong from his mother. Thus, at birth, he could walk and talk in a matter of moments. Likewise, by being connected to his planet, he can draw power energy from there and harden his body.

His birth took place in a lava lake, giving him the power to resist intense heat. In addition, he stands out as a great warrior who dominates several martial arts, which makes him a fierce opponent.

Other Versions of Skaar

Who is Hulk's son Skaar in the Marvel Cinematic Universe? | Radio Times Image: Marvel Comics

In other versions, Skaar appears in:

House of M

The story What If?… “What if Caiera had survived the destruction of Skaar instead of the Hulk?” in 2007. In this version, he is a 21-year-old young man. He emerges at the end, hidden by shadows.

In the first season of the Disney+ series, Skaar appears in the last episode of She-Hulk. The actor who plays him is Wil Deusner, and since his appearance, he has caught the attention of the fans.

Skaar’s appearances in other media

Skaar has appearances in other media like:


On the small screen, Skaar is in:

  • Hulk and the Agents of S.M.A.S.H., where Benjamin Diskin voices him. He is one of the main characters and a member of the S.M.A.S.H. team.
  • Ultimate Spider-Man, Skaar appears in the third season, again starring Benjamin Diskin.
  • Skaar has a cameo in the Disney+ series, She-Hulk: Attorney at Law in the episode “Whose Show Is This?” which is played by Wil Deusner. It is still awaited if the character will have future appearances.

Video Games

This character comes out as a playable character in:

  • Lego Marvel Avengers.
  • Lego Marvel Super Heroes 2, voiced by David Menkin.

Skaar, the Mysterious son of the Hulk

RUMOR: 'She-Hulk' Could Introduce Skaar - The DisInsider Image: Marvel Comics

Skaar is the mysterious son of the Hulk. Although he is not well known to fans of the Green Man, he has made a few appearances. One of the most notable and most criticized by fans was the interpretation made by the young actor Wil Deusner in She-Hulk: Attorney at Law, mostly because of his appearance.

The young actor, only 20 years old, has been developing in this world since he was 9 years old. Therefore, he has extensive acting experience, including participation in other DC Comics superhero productions. Therefore, Marvel Studios sees his performance as a great opportunity. We’ll have to wait and see what happens next.

Featured Image Via Marvel Studios / Marvel Comics 



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