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From its sleek design to unique titles, like Spider-Man, PlayStation is a force unto itself. Find the latest news, hottest reviews, and fun tips and tricks inside.

Playstation Studios Branding to Launch with PS5

With a growing number of developers under the Sony umbrella, the company is revealing a new brand. The concept of Playstation Studios helps to connect all Sony-owned companies together. The move is not unlike the […]

May 12, 2020
PS Now May 2020 Additions Include RS: Siege, Evil Within 2

PS Now is a great way to play things you might not want to purchase but still want to check out. A great example is a game like Rainbox Six: Siege. Arguably one of the most […]

May 5, 2020
PS4 Game Release Dates for The Last of Us 2, Ghosts of Tsushima

Sony announced the PS4 game release dates for two high-profile 2020 titles. COVID-19 uncertainty led some to expect major delays for these titles. Both The Last of Us 2 and Ghosts of Tsushima are set to release […]

April 28, 2020
Mass Effect 2 Is One Of The Best Sequel Games Of All Time: Retro Review

Conventional wisdom suggests that narrative franchises are safe, derivative, and present little in the way of artistic challenge. However, that’s neither true nor fair. In fact, a sequel to a beloved first installment is one […]

April 19, 2020
Cyberpunk 2077 DLC Confirmed, Next-Gen Version Taking More Time

The hype behind Cyberpunk 2077 seems insane to those unfamiliar with CD Projekt Red. For starters, how can a single game receive so much positive attention before it even releases? That’s because there’s a climate […]

April 10, 2020
PS Now April Games Include Marvel’s Spider-Man

It’s a great time to be a PlayStation fan. The PS5 is just around the corner this holiday season. Not to mention, this week marks the release of the Final Fantasy VII Remake. Now, some […]

April 7, 2020
Mass Effect 1 Still A Playable Masterpiece In The Age of Next-Gen Consoles: Retro Review

For most of the history of video games, playing one has just been about pushing buttons, working out puzzles, and shooting things. As the technology advanced, video games expanded in what they offered. No longer […]

April 5, 2020
Nintendo is Fighting Dreams Creations with Sony’s Help

The game Dreams is a sandbox-style creation experience where players make their own games. The footage so far is incredibly entertaining. Some creators are going above and beyond, while others make some truly disturbing stuff. A […]

March 23, 2020
Call of Duty Warzone First Impressions

Just over a day ago, Call of Duty Warzone launched to millions of players from the get-go. The best part of a Call of Duty battle royale isn’t that it exists, but that it’s also […]

March 13, 2020
Call of Duty Warzone Player Count Hits Six Million in 24 Hours

If there’s one thing people love, then it’s Call of Duty. Despite countless memes and trash-talking online, the game continues to sell well year after year. In all honesty, I don’t think it deserves the […]

March 12, 2020