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Quantum Error PS4 Port Canceled, Now Next-Gen Only

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BY July 25, 2023

I’ve always been a sucker for horror. So, you can imagine my hype when I saw one of my favorite genres on PS5. Quantum Horror promises pure cosmic horror, with a Dead Space feeling. Although, the Quantum Error PS4 port was canceled.

Sure, the game has always aimed for the PS5. But, that doesn’t mean PS4 players weren’t looking forward to it. A PS4 port was another announcement. Now, it seems it’ll follow the steps of The Outlast Trials. Similarly to Alan Wake 2, it’ll only be for next-gen consoles.

So, what happened?

Quantum Error’s PS4 port canceled due to the game’s foundation

quantum error ps4 port canceled reasons I’m not particularly proud to be surprised by the news after reading this. (Image credit: PlayStation | Teamkill Media)

In a recent Twitter (well, X) post, the developer confirmed the decision. In the post, it explained some of the reasons as well. Essentially, the game’s development focused a lot on the PS5. In other words, it was made to work there.

Therefore, launching Quantum Error on the PS4 would be too difficult. Even if it’s possible, it would downgrade it extensively. As such, the team concluded it simply wasn’t worth it. It would cause a Cyberpunk 2077-esque situation. 

The main reasons behind Quantum Error’s PS4 impossibility

quantum error ps5 port gameplay I mean, I should’ve seen this one coming after watching the trailers. (Image credit: PlayStation | Teamkill Media)

So, what exactly makes the PS4 not viable for a port? Well, anyone can tell you about the differences between it and the PS5. But, what got Quantum Error’s PS4 port canceled, exactly?

Simply put, the PS4 doesn’t have the power to run Quantum Error’s graphics. Game assets and lighting are two of the core issues. Additionally, the PS4 still runs on an HDD. That speed wouldn’t compare to the PS5.

What about Quantum Error ports for other consoles?

So, the PS4 is a “no” for Quantum Error. Now, what about the other consoles? Well, the Xbox One is also discarded. However, that doesn’t mean it’ll be a PS5 exclusive. Though, the Xbox’s slower SSD means the port will take longer.

As for a PC port, it’s also complicated. Yes, Unreal Engine 5 runs great on modern PCs. Nevertheless, Quantum Error won’t release on PC at launch. Sadly, it doesn’t have an estimated release date.


Featured Image Credit: PlayStation | Teamkill Media.



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