Miles Morales Spider Man 2 Confirms 5 New Abilities For The Hero
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Miles Morales Spider-Man 2 Confirms 5 New Abilities For The Spider Hero

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BY June 8, 2023

A few days ago, we could see a demo of the game Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, which showed us some abilities of both the Spider-Man version of Peter Parker and Miles Morales in different parts of the game. A detail that shocked a lot was that the first Spider-Man mentioned brought the Venom symbiote, so many thought he would have more abilities than the second edition, but it seems that it was not quite true.

 PlayStation announced 5 new abilities that Morales’ version would have within the game they are developing in conjunction with Marvel. These would allow him to move more easily, pass through places full of enemies and even eliminate them without suffering much damage.

5 New Abilities of Miles Morales in Spider-Man 2

spider man 2 gameplay Image: Sony /Insomniac

 PlayStation confirmed 5 new powers of Miles Morales Spider-Man for Marvel Spider-Man 2. Among these new strengths, we have:

1. Web Wings

Web Wings is a new ability that would allow Morales to glide or fly in super-strong air currents, allowing him to reach a location in seconds. We could see this ability at the beginning of the demo when Peter warns him of the location of Kraven the Hunter lair.

2. Web Line in Miles Morales in Spider-Man 2

Another confirmed ability was Morales’ Web Line, which allows one to take advantage of the stealth quality of the first installment. With this ability, Morales can cast a web line above his enemies and be able to attack without being seen by them. This ability is also seen in the Demo when this version of the arachnid is infiltrating Kraven the Hunter’s lair.

3. Web-Catcher

Another ability that Morales commented that he would have in this new title was the Web Capturer. This will allow players to be able to group all enemies in one place and isolate them from the rest.

4. Miles Morales will Thunder Blast in Spider-Man 2

Another interesting ability in the new Spider-Man game is the thunder blast that Miles Morales launches into the ground and causes an explosion of lightning, an ability to knock out a large group of enemies that are attacking simultaneously. It can also be combined with the web and get an electric attack at a distance. 

5. Thunder Chain

The last ability mentioned by PlayStation is the thunder chain, which allows electricity to Morales’ closest opponents with an electricity attack.

What Advantages Do Morales’ New Abilities Offer?

Spider-Man 2: PlayStation Announces 5 New Powers for Miles Morales Image: Sony

These new abilities will enhance Miles Morales’ gameplay in Spider-Man 2 even further. Gamers were already happy about the addition of the option to swap players during a game’s storyline allowing them to participate as both Parker and Morales. Now the new improvements of the last mentioned character add an interesting plus.

First, we must highlight the stealth ability that allows us to eliminate enemies without having to ram them, nor having to risk taking unnecessary damage. This quality did not exist in the first installment and is a great addition to this new title they will deliver.

The second element that Gamers will like a lot are the web wings that will allow you to move faster around the city. This ability allows you to glide long distances as if you were flying. In this way, you will be able to fulfil time missions within a very short period or for plots with chases, such as those detailed in the Demo, when both Spider-Man chase Kraven the Hunter’s airship.

Another curious fact highlighted by several users is the color of Morales’ electricity, which is blue. Previously it was orange, although this change may be due to the NuForm energy that this character absorbed at the end of the first title of this franchise.

We will be able to see these new additions of Miles Morales in Marvel Spider-Man 2 and other surprises in the fall of 2023. On this date, PlayStation will release the game that will be exclusive to the PS5 console.

Featured Image Via Sony 


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