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DevolverDigital’s Baby Steps Is a Literal Walking Simulator

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BY June 8, 2023

So far, it’s been a decent year for gaming. We’ve gotten gems, like No Man’s Sky new update. Now, DevolverDigital’s Baby Steps has been announced. And, the trailer looks fantastic, just amazing.

If you’ve played QWOP, you know what to expect. The game is a literal walking simulator. You must control every step, one at a time. Now, it’s nothing like Spider-Man 2 or Metroid Prime. However, it’s definitely a fun game to expect.

So, what did we see?

What we know about DevolverDigital’s Baby Steps

baby steps trailer Admittedly, the scenery is beautiful—if you don’t mind the guy flopping around. (Image credit: DevolverDigital)

As reported by PC Gamer, Baby Steps is about an unemployed, sad man. He only eats junk food and wastes his time. That is until he discovers walking. Yes, walking is a huge break for him. From there, it’s up to you to help him learn.

The game’s main attraction it’s its physics-based walking. You have to take one step at a time, literally. Think about Death Stranding and make it ten times worse. In the meantime, amazing landscapes and soundtrack keep you engaged.

The amazing trailer for Baby Steps summarized

The trailer for DevolverDigital’s Baby Steps is great. It does wonders to introduce the main character. You see him slouched on his couch, food all over the place. Then, he teleports to a lake, for some reason.

From there, you see him trying to walk and stumbling all over the place. You see him falling on hills, forests, mountains, and more. It’s a really good trailer, trust me. Some scenes show him exploring ancient ruins as well. As such, there might be some interesting challenges around.

Lastly, the trailer shows you an awkward conversation with an NPC. If that’s how all cutscenes will look, I’m in.

What can we expect from DevolverDigital’s latest entry?

baby steps capture Human Fall Flat and Getting Over It are the only references you need to know. (Image credit: DevolverDigital)

Well, DevolverDigital has a great reputation for creating hilarious games. They manage to mix comedy, frustration, and self-hate perfectly. If you’ve played Getting Over It, you know what I mean.

Other IPs include Human Fall Flat and Ape Out. I’m naming those because they show more of Baby Steps’ character. However, you may know them from Enter the Gungeon or The Talos Principle.

Yet, some old-school gamers may recognize their largest games. Those include Shadow Warrior and Serious Sam. Needless to say, the guys have a solid sense of humor. So, be on the lookout for this one.

Featured Image Credit: DevolverDigital.

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