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Science Fiction Movies

As one of the most creative and imaginative genres in all literature, science fiction movies and TV shows bring readers to explore adventures to faraway dimensions, different galaxies and more. Sci-fi also introduces viewers to other types of beings, characters from other worlds and features futuristic technology that may not exist yet. Creators of sci-fi genres design their own worlds and showcases them to readers through engaging storylines of characters who exist in that world. Such movies attract both young and mature viewers who are interested in futuristic themes, as they follow these characters and their adventures in another world.

Explore the Fascinating World of Science Fiction Movies

Science fiction Movies is derived from speculative fiction. It often contains many elements that do not, or have yet to exist on earth. It contains many themes and explores concepts like space travel, time travel or other dimensions. Many of such movies are set in the future, and some of them aim to reflect the possible consequences of today’s scientific and technological advances.

Science fiction has been around for a long time, and dates back all the way to the second century. One of the first sci-fi stories ever written was “A True Story” that considered the idea of extraterrestrial life forms and other universes. It was written by Lucian, a Syrian Satirist in the second century.

Science fiction can be categorized into two categories, soft sci-fi and hard sci-fi. Soft sci-fi refers to storylines that may not be scientifically accurate and are a product of “soft” social sciences, such as sociology, anthropology, and psychology. On the other hand, hard sci-fi genres refer to stories that are based on scientific fact. Such stories are having “hard” natural sciences as their inspiration, such as chemistry, astronomy and physics.

Some of the Most Popular Science Fiction Movies

Below is a short list of some of the most well-known sci-fi movies (in no particular order):

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We believe that science fiction can be considered the literature of ideas and provoke readers to think imaginatively. Sci-fi movies and TV shows feature many types of futuristic concepts, and because they are so creative, anything is possible within the boundaries of a sci-fi show. Apart from its imaginative characters and settings, sci-fi shows are complex. Many have nuanced details and talk about larger themes in the real world today. Some are satirical, others provoke thinking about the future of the earth and society.

At Comic Years, our editors come together to analyze the different elements that make a sci-fi movie, and we talk about our understanding of these shows against the real world. We also dive into the history of sci-fi and talk about the latest news on sci-fi movies and shows.

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