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Anthology comics were common in the United States. These comics, however, are less visible on today’s market. DC and Marvel originally published several stories in one issue of their own comics. Their most popular comic book characters typically got a whole issue devoted to them, in a group of shorter stories. Today, it is a common practice for DC and Marvel to publish one or two stories per issue of each comic.

Enter the Fascinating World of Comics Anthology

Comics anthology was all the rage when there were long queues of enthusiasts lining up to cop a copy of their favorite comics. An anthology comic book typically features several stories that were drawn and written by an array of artists and writers. Their creations would often showcase different characters as well. This type of comic serves many purposes, e.g., collecting works that were too short for standalone publications. Some of the common themes surrounding anthology comics include tragic love, outer space, adventure, and much more.

Some of the Most Popular Anthology Comics

Below is a short list of some of the most well-known anthology comics (in no particular order):

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