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Drama Genre

The most versatile genre, most dramas fall under more than one category, amongst them historical dramas and romantic dramas. Intended to be more serious than comedies, all movies that incorporate fictional stories are dramas in the most general sense of the word. Did you know that before the dawn of film, “drama” was used to refer to a play that was neither a comedy nor a tragedy?

Explore the Fascinating World of Dramas

With a whole host of movie options today, a huge pull factor for dramas is the emotional investment we put into them. We root for the protagonists through their trials and tribulations and wish the antagonists ill even though they share no part of our lives! Dramas will always remain popular as they give us a glimpse into an alternate life, allowing us to escape from our dreary realities even if just for a while.

Some of the Most Popular Dramas

Below is a short list of some of the most well-known crime movies (in no particular order):

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