Who Is Captain Marvel, The Interstellar Heroine
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Who Is Captain Marvel, The Interstellar Superheroine

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BY August 1, 2023

Captain Marvel is one of the female characters in comics published by Marvel Comics that have recently gained visibility. This inclusion shows that traditional paradigms are changing.

Comics exclusively dedicated to the male sex have sought to reinvent themselves, reformulating their obsolete models. In this way, they offer other points of view that exalt superheroines.

These current presences of female characters have come hand in hand with Carol Danvers, better known as Captain Marvel. So we bring you this post where we will review the trajectory of one of the greatest feminist icons of the Marvel Universe.

Who is Captain Marvel?

5 Captain Marvel comics to read now that you've seen the movie - Polygon Image: Marvel Comics

Captain Marvel has already more than 50 years of history in the comics. She has existed in different facets, from the military, pilot, avenger, and superheroine to space adventurer.

Carol Danvers carries the enormous responsibility of being the only one capable of saving the universe. And, of course, she is one of Marvel’s most influential and remarkable heroines. Her appearance evidently empowered feminism.

Captain Marvel came to life at the hand of Roy Thomas as a writer and Gene Colan as an artist. They introduced the character in the 60s, but the first time she appeared was as an officer of the United States Air Force. Danvers was a colleague of the Kree superhero known as Marvell.

It wasn’t long before Carol Danvers became the incarnation of Ms Marvel in 1977, Marvel #1. Her story begins when she accidentally mixes her DNA with Mar-Vell’s when an explosion occurs, acquiring superpowers.

Her debut was in the Silver Age of comics, associated with the superhero teams X-Men and The Avengers. She has received other names in various stories, such as Warbird, Binary, and Captain Marvel.

From 1960 to 1980

Everything About Carol Danvers That's Going To Help The Avengers - Unpause  Asia Image: Marvel Comics

By 1968 Carol Danvers appeared as a United States Air Force member. She is a security chief stationed at a restricted military base. She meets Dr Walter Lawson, who the Kree alias Captain Marvel knows.

The story unfolds, and Davers is caught in an explosion caused by a Kree device. Captain Marvel saves Carol’s life, but she is seriously injured. 

By 1970, the character resurfaces, is infected with Captain Marvel’s DNA, and acquires superhuman abilities and powers. Thus, Carol Danvers becomes Ms Marvel.

This version was progressive for the time, reflecting support for the feminist movement. It also showed the struggles of the time in the comics, such as “equal pay for equal work”.

In 1980 it showed how Marcus kidnaps Carol Danvers. He takes her to an alternate dimension, where this villain abuses her, and she becomes pregnant. That leads to a series of stories set on Earth.

1990 y 2000

For 1990, the character of Carol Danvers continued to appear, but sporadically. Two issues with original titles ended up being cancelled. After that, she made several appearances and rejoined The Avengers.

In this facet, she assumes the identity and new alias of Warbird. Warbird is a character with alcoholism who struggles to accept the loss of her powers and cosmic memories. She falls from grace in the story Live Kree or Die, suspended from service.

Then, she had a brief appearance at the same time in What If…? from Marvel’s alternate universe. She also appeared in Iron Man, Wolverine, and The Avengers

In 2000, in the Kang Dynasty storyline as Warbird, Carol Danvers played a vital role alongside The Avengers. The abuse storyline picks up, and Carol continues her romance as an avenger.

Then, the character reappears in Captain Marvel in 2005, House of M. The story revolves around a false reality that the Scarlet Witch created. In there, Danvers sees herself developing her potential and superpowers.

That leads her to develop her potential in the Marvel Universe. Thereupon, alongside Iron Man, Captain Marvel becomes the primary defender of the Superhuman Registration Act. That was the story of the 2006s Civil War, which had notable controversies.

This story continued in 2007, and Danvers ended up in a relationship with Wonder Man, becoming the leader of the Mighty Avengers. Likewise, as Ms Marvel, she plays a pivotal role in Secret Invasion.

2010 to 2020

Comics, Captain Marvel, Marvel Comics, HD wallpaper | Peakpx Image: Marvel Comics

In 2010, Ms Marvel continued and fought against a nemesis, Mystique. She also opposes a clone of Captain Marvel, who the Skrulls created during the Secret Invasion.

In 2012, Carol Danvers took on the role of Captain Marvel again in a series written by Kelly Sue DeConnick. In there, the character is seen with a renewed appearance, wearing a costume that pays homage to her military roots.

This version exploits the character’s past, rejoining the Avengers team as Captain Marvel, demonstrating her feminine power by working with this team.

In 2013, Carol Danvers starred in the story of Captain Marvel/ Avengers Assemble and The Enemy Within. She fought alongside her teammates against Yon Rogg. In that same year, Captain Marvel joined the Guardians of the Galaxy.

In 2015, Danvers’ own series came out during the Secret Wars storyline, where she leads an elite squadron of female pilots. She had a predominant role in 2016 in Civil War II.

For 2018 she headlines the limited series The Life of Captain Marvel, a retelling of the origin story. In 2019 she starred in Captain Marvel and was seen returning to New York City. For the 2020s, Carol Danvers is the Supreme Accuser in the crossover story of Empyre.

Captain Marvel’s Powers and Abilities

Captain Marvel's origin, powers, and comic history, explained by creators -  Polygon Image: Marvel Comics

Captain Marvel’s powers and abilities have evolved according to the facet played, so we have her as:

Ms Marvel

After the accident, where her DNA and Kree’s mixed, Carol Danvers becomes Ms Marvel. She acquired superhuman powers that affected her strength, speed, endurance and physical endurance.

In addition, her “seventh sense” was sharpened in a precognitive way, giving her a kind of cosmic consciousness. Likewise, her physical appearance changed.

Carol Danvers acquired a hybrid human physiology similar to that of the Kree. She’s practically immune to poisons and toxins, making her very resistant to her enemies.

Initially, she acquired the flight faculty thanks to a particular suit. In her facet as a Binary, she could harness the energy of a “White Hole”, allowing her total control and the manipulation of stellar energies.

The heroine could control heat, gravity, and the electromagnetic spectrum. Also, she could travel at the speed of light, managing to survive in the vacuum of space. 

Captain Marvel

Carol Danvers keeps her Ms Marvel powers as Captain Marvel. So, she possesses endurance, superhuman strength, agility, durability and reflexes that make her stand out.

She can fly up to six times the speed of sound. Carol can also travel into space without the need for oxygen. She retains the power of “Seventh Sense” and can discharge explosive bursts of radiant energy.

As Captain Marvel, she demonstrates the ability to absorb other forms of energy, such as electricity. In this way, she can proportionally increase her strength and energy projection.

She can withstand incredible weights by augmenting herself, supporting a weight pressure of 92 short tons. That allows it to hit with a force very similar to the weight.

The heroine can also absorb magical energy without any consequences. That has made her help, for example, Dr Strange defeat the mystical threat of Sir Warren Traveler.

Captain Marvel possesses a regenerative healing factor; therefore, she can recover quickly. That allows her to have a form of decelerated aging and longevity.

As if this were not enough, she is one of the most agile melee fighters. Armed or unarmed, she is a tough superheroine to beat. She has extensive training in various disciplines, giving her many fighting skills.

Other Versions of Captain Marvel

Captain Comics: The many iterations of Carol Danvers Image: Marvel Comics

In different versions, Captain Marvel has been in:

Age of Apocalypse

In 1995’s Age of Apocalypse, a powerless Carol Danvers is looking to Logan and Gateway for help. She is trying to save her life at all costs. She needs to heal.

Age of Sentry

In the Age of Sentry, a version of Carol Danvers is Sentry’s sidekick.

Captain Marvel’s Age of Ultron

In 2013’s Age of Ultron, Captain Marvel is on vacation in London when Ultron’s army arrives. Thus, after an arduous fight, Captain Marvel and Captain Britain sacrifice their lives to stop Ultron’s Sentry.


In Amalgam, Carol Danvers is combined with Helena Bertinelli from DC Comics, thus forming the Huntress. In this version, the character is a former lone agent of a rogue government.

Carol Corps

A variation of Carol Danvers appears in Avengers: Forever as a World War II version of herself.

Deadpool Kills Deadpool

Presented in Deadpool Kills Deadpool is a version of Carol Danvers merged with a version of the Invisible Woman who Dreadpool captured.

Captain Marvel Exiles

Captain Marvel is in an evil version in the title Exiles, becoming the mistress of the villain Hyperion. And she joins the scouts of the alternate universe Weapon X.

Infinity Countdown

Here Carol Danvers is seen in a timeline with some alternative universes. In this way, she participates in several events, either as Carol Danvers or Captain Marvel.

Infinity Wars

In Warp World, Carol Danvers merged with Justice Peace, thus creating Captain Peace. Davers travels from 2099 to the present, warning of what is about to happen on Earth.

Marvel Mangaverse

In this version, again, Carol Danvers is a member of the US Air Force. It shows how she acquires her superpowers and undertakes a fight against different villains.

Marvel Universe vs. The Punisher

Carols Danvers is one of the villagers in Marvel Universe vs The Punisher who was infected and became a cannibal. She manages to ally herself with The Thing, but The Punisher kills her.

Marvel Zombies

In Earth-2149, AKA Marvel Zombies, Carol Danvers appears alongside The Avengers. Zombified Sentry attacks and infects her. Thus, Carol Danvers becomes a zombie with an insatiable craving for human flesh.

Old Woman Laura

It shows a Carol Danvers in the future, as an adult, who is in charge of helping Wolverine and Maria Hill in the robbery of Latveria.

Ultimate Marvel

This version of Ultimate Marvel shows the character without superhuman powers, calling her Captain Carol Danvers. She is a member of the Air Force and works with General Nick Fury in securing Mahr Vehl to protect Earth from Gah Lak Tus.


In this X-Universe limited series, Carols Danvers is a version that allies with Mar-Vell, Quasa, Nova and Stard-Lord to form Realm Marvel.

Venomverse: War Stories

In this appearance, Captain Marvel is wanted, with the Kree offering a reward to anyone who finds her. Rocket plots her assassination like Captain America’s to claim that reward.

What If…?

In What If…? Captain Marvel is one of the heroines who fights other villains, such as Norman Osborn and the Scarlet Witch. 

X-Men: The End

Captain Marvel appears in the X-Men: The End trilogy from 2004 to 2006. A version of the character exists as pure energy. With it, she manages to control the spaceship of the Starjammers, The Starjammer.

Captain Marvel’s Appearances in Other Media

Is Carol Danvers Stronger In the Comics, or the MCU? Image: Marvel Comics / Marvel Studios

Captain Marvel has appearances in other media, such as:


On the small screen, we see the character in:

  • Carol Danvers appears as Ms Marvel in X-Men, voiced by Roscoe Handford.
  • Likewise, as Ms Marvel, she appears in The Super Hero Squad Show with the voice of Grey DeLisle.
  • A version of Carol Danvers appears in The Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, voiced by Jennifer Hale.

As Captain Marvel, Carol Danvers, voiced by Grey DeLisle, appears in:

  • Third season of Avengers: Ultron Revolution.
  • The fourth season of Avengers: Secret Wars.
  • Captain Marvel appears in the second season of Guardians of the Galaxy in the voice of Grey DeLisle again.
  • Carol Danvers is in the second season of Spider-Man, voiced by Grey DeLisle.

Captain Marvel in Movies and MCU

Captain Marvel - IGN Image: Marvel Studios

Both in film and in the UCM, the character has been present in:

  • She appears as Captain Marvel in the animated film Avengers Confidential: Black Widow & Punisher and Marvel Rising: Secret Warriors of 2018. In the latter, Kim Raver plays her.

In the UCM, she is played by Brie Larson, appearing in:

  • 2019, Captain Marvel.
  • 2019, Avengers Endgame.
  • 2021, in the Disney+ animated series, What If…?
  • 2021, Carol Danvers appears in Shang – Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings.
  • 2023, The Marvels is on standby for release.

Captain Marvel in Video Games

In video games, Captain Marvel and Carol Danvers appear as playable and non-playable characters in:

  • X – Men: Legends II: Rise of Apocalypse.
  • Marvel Ultimate Alliance.
  • Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2.
  • Marvel Super Hero Squad.
  • Marvel Super Hero Squad Online.
  • Marvel Ultimate Alliance Facebook version.
  • Marvel Heroes.
  • Marvel Super Heroes.
  • Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite.
  • Marvel Super Hero Battle.
  • Lego Marvel Super Heroes 2.
  • Marvel Future Fight.
  • Fortnite: Battle Royale.

Captain Marvel, The Interstellar Superheroine

Can Carol Danvers Fix Marvel's Woman Problem? - The New York Times Image: Marvel Studios

Captain Marvel is “Marvel’s Greatest Heroine”, thus being “Marvel’s Most Powerful Avenger”. As such, her appearances are countless in Marvel products, from TV series to video games and movies.

Thus, we loved seeing her in the most recent trailer of The MarvelsFans are eager to know what else they bring for July 28, 2023. As usual, Captain Marvel will be Brie Larson. And with her, a handful of new faces come to entertain from young to old, such as Iman Vellani, Zawe Ashton and Park Seo-Joon. Alongside the arch acquaintances Samuel L. Jackson and Teyonah Parris.

The Marvels’ director is Nia DaCosta, who has been surprising in recent years with her work. The scripts are in charge of Megan McDonnell, and the photographic direction is by Sean Bobbit.

Featured Image: Marvel Comics


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