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The House of Ideas dominates pop culture today from the pages of their books to the big and small screens. Generations of children grew up loving their characters, and they show no signs of ever stopping.

What Marvel Comics Graphic Novels You Should Read October 2020

Sometimes it’s great to sit down and read 22 pages of superhero mayhem and cycle through several chapters of several storylines. But that’s not the only way to enjoy comics. Why read War of the […]

October 3, 2020
MarvelTV Shows
Ms. Marvel Lead Cast, Newcomer Actress Iman Vellani Nabs Fan-Favorite Role

There have been so many fantastic members of the Marvel team over the past few decades. From well-chosen directors to perfectly matched actors, the franchise continues to do a good job in the casting department. […]

September 30, 2020
Monthly Marvel Comics You Should Read This October

Since massive things are happing with the X-Men, we’ll take a look at the other corners of the Marvel Universe for October, the way we did with Empyre. Luckily, there’s plenty more that isn’t one […]

September 30, 2020
X of Swords: Creation is an Epic Start to the Biggest (or, at least, Longest) X-Men Event Since the 1990s

The Newest X-Men event, X of Swords, started this week with X of Swords: Creation, the first chapter of a 22-part series that ends in November. If you’re doing the math, then you’ll see that […]

September 27, 2020
MarvelTV Shows
The New Full Trailer For Helstrom Looks Eerily Like Another Of Marvel’s Horror Projects

After a presence at the recent Comic-Con At Home, the new Marvel’s Helstrom full trailer gives us an extended look at the last Marvel Television product. It’s unclear if this series takes place in the […]

September 27, 2020
SWORD, by Al Ewing and Valero Schiti, to Follow X of Swords and Empyre

Having a series called SWORD come out after an event named X of Swords might seem a little on the nose, but thew December-premiering series has far more significant implications than just a cool play on […]

September 24, 2020
COMICSMarvelTV Shows
Falcon and the Winter Soldier 2021 Release … Hopefully

Because of the Coronavirus pandemic, The Falcon and The Winter Soldier had to shut down production, delaying the release date indefinitely. Well, right on the heels of the mind-bending WandaVision trailer, Disney+ has also updated […]

September 21, 2020
MarvelTV Shows
Marvel Has A She-Hulk, Tatiana Maslany Cast As Lead For Disney+ Series

Ironically, since we published a piece lamenting the lack of MCU News in 2020, the Marvel gods have blessed us. It seems they are back to casting for future projects at Marvel Studios. We learned […]

September 17, 2020
Vita Ayala and Rod Reis Are the NEW New Mutants Creative Team!

This month, we’re entering the massive X-Men crossover event X of Swords. When the dust settles, we’re sure to see a lot of changes for the merry mutants. Not just for the characters themselves, but […]

September 15, 2020
Lovecraft Country Star Jonathan Majors Joins The MCU With A Role In The Next Ant-Man Movie

Actor Jonathan Majors is moving from Lovecraft Country to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. News broke this week that Majors has joined the cast of the upcoming Ant-Man movie. He will be playing a major role in […]

September 14, 2020