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Zelda TOTK Developers Spill the Beans On Game

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BY June 2, 2023

So, Zelda TOTK developers, including veterans like Zach Mumbach, are sharing the most mind-blowing aspects of The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom (TOTK). Trust me, this is something you don’t want to miss out on! They shared lots of interesting details about the development behind this game.

Just to jog your memory, Mumbach is a gaming legend, having been part of behemoth franchises like Dead Space and Battlefield. These days, he’s flexing his creative muscles at his own studio. But when he gazes upon TOTK, he admits to a twinge of envy. Mumbach said,

“TOTK is overwhelmingly impressive. The bar is sky-high here, guys, and this is coming from a AAA veteran of 17 years.”

Alright, so why all the excitement about the Zelda TOTK developers? Firstly, it’s Nintendo’s latest piece de resistance. Gaming communities can’t stop buzzing about TOTK’s immersive exploration, intricate building mechanics, and interconnected systems. Heck, even developers, who understand the nuances of game creation, are swept off their feet. For instance, let’s not even get started on the game’s physics engine!

When asked about the most extraordinary element of TOTK, Mumbach points at the open-world design. According to him, Nintendo has designed the best open-world ever. He enthuses, 

“I can drop you anywhere in the TOTK map, and if you see a place that looks interesting, you’ll be rewarded for going there. Every single time!” 

If that isn’t enough, Mumbach went gaga over TOTK’s building and physics engine, which he believes makes the game world even more magical. Those Zelda TOTK developers really put the work in!

Who are the Zelda TOTK developers?

Zelda TOTK Developers Image: Nintendo

Now, let’s talk about James from indie studio Natsu Kaze. Being a Zelda devotee, James was initially skeptical about the Ultrahand building mechanics in TOTK. However, he quickly changed his tune after experiencing the game. James said, 

“The building mechanics strengthen the game, they don’t harm it!”

Moving on, Aaron McDevitt of Aero GPX celebrated the game’s deep sandbox, thanks to the Zelda TOTK developers. He lauded Nintendo’s approach of giving players the freedom to interact with the world. He pointed out,

“No two people will play the game the same way, and that’s beautiful. It fosters replayability, a sense of community, and creativity all in one fell swoop.”

Conversely, Eric Covington, with experience at Blizzard and PlayStation, appreciates Nintendo’s bold move to let players do whatever they want. And finally, Retro Studios artist Taylor Rohrig cherishes how TOTK successfully builds on its predecessor, Breath of the Wild.

In the end, the Zelda TOTK developers believe that the new Zelda game, with its focus on unparalleled exploration and player freedom, sets a standard that is hard to emulate. Mubach quipped,

“It’s not a thing you can just go out there and replicate.”

To create the game, the Zelda TOTK developers had to work pretty hard.

Tears of the Kingdom Developer

Zelda TOTK Developers Image: Nintendo

In fact, Mubach went even further to say:

“It fosters replayability, a sense of community, and creativity all in one fell swoop… I do think it would be awesome if developers were more open to giving their player characters just enough capability, agency, and sandbox flavor that could result in players finding unique ways of approaching problems and progression through their games.”

Naturally, Eric Covington added to this by saying,

“None of it is ‘cheating’ or ‘going against the designers’ intentions’ because it’s all within the realm of what’s intended. The intention was to give the player a plethora of toys and a sandbox in which to play with them. Nintendo doubled down on letting the player win however they wanted to. I could see other studios and games benefitting from letting their grip loosen on the ‘intended solution’ to the puzzles and challenges they throw at players.”

No matter what, it’s clear that the Zelda TOTK developers are proud of the game. And rightly so!


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