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A genuine global, cultural phenomenon, Nintendo brings its iconic characters, unique concepts, and future classics to the world and we’ll tell you all about them.

History of the Xenoblade Chronicles Series

A lot of first-party Nintendo games have a similar style and experience to them. Characters like Mario, Kirby, and the hundreds of Animal Crossing villagers are all cartoonish and family-friendly. These games aim for a […]

May 11, 2020
Animal Crossing Spring Update – What’s Coming to New Horizons

Animal Crossing New Horizons is a major hit for Nintendo in a robust games library on an already popular console. In short, the company is killing it in the gaming world right now. I spend […]

April 22, 2020
World Maker Update Coming to Super Mario Maker 2

I feel like Super Mario Maker 2 is grossly underrated. I get it: most people think it’s “another Mario game.” That’s not necessarily false. Still, the ability to create levels across 30+ years of Mario […]

April 21, 2020
Coffee Talk Review – A Fantasy Visual Novel

A lot of people who don’t enjoy video games find themselves curious about visual novels. There are several narrative-driven games that break through the mainstream. Telltale titles like the Walking Dead series and The Wolf […]

April 16, 2020
Path of Giants Review – Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

A lot of mobile games come to consoles or PC for the wrong reasons. A lot of publishers simply want their game in as many places as possible. Path of Giants is not one of […]

April 13, 2020
Nintendo Spring Sale Highlights – What Should You Buy?

Nintendo is notoriously limited in the sales it holds throughout the year. Whereas Steam, UPlay, the Epic Games Store, and Humble Bundle seemingly hand out deals, Nintendo does not. So, when a big sale comes […]

April 3, 2020
Nintendo Land Retro Review – A Lost Wii U Hit

On the Wii, purchasing the console also brought Wii Sports. The game brought a lot of gamers together with people who don’t really play games at all. By the time the Wii U launched, everyone […]

April 1, 2020
Coronavirus Nintendo Switch Shortage – Where to Find the Console

The shelter in place orders around the U.S. is leading some to consider how to best spend their downtime. Unfortunately, the COVID-19 pandemic is leading to shortages in a lot of different retail items, including […]

March 28, 2020
March 26 Nintendo Direct Mini – Full Rundown

Nintendo surprised fans with a March 26 Nintendo Direct Mini, featuring new updates and reveals. Find out what you missed below with a full rundown of announcements. Be sure to let us know your favorite […]

March 26, 2020
Nintendo is Fighting Dreams Creations with Sony’s Help

The game Dreams is a sandbox-style creation experience where players make their own games. The footage so far is incredibly entertaining. Some creators are going above and beyond, while others make some truly disturbing stuff. A […]

March 23, 2020