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Chrono Trigger Remake On Switch Coming Soon?

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BY June 21, 2023

Have you been hearing the whispers echoing through the gaming community? Ah, yes. The rumor mill is cranking at full speed, and it’s spinning one enticing tale: a Chrono Trigger remake could be on the horizon! Now, I know what you’re wondering. Where did this nugget of potentially explosive news originate? But our source is none other than the notorious ZippoSpeaks leak.

However, let me paint a picture of Chrono Trigger for the uninitiated. An iconic SNES classic, it’s a game that redefined the role-playing genre with its intricate storytelling and groundbreaking battle system. Naturally, it’s a timeless masterpiece that has continued capturing gamers’ hearts for decades. Now, think about the monumental impact of an HD 2D Chrono Trigger remake. So, it’s no wonder fans are practically quaking with anticipation!

Anyway, our good old friend, Zippo, has fuelled this excitement. “Yup. The beloved, masterful SNES masterpiece, Chrono Trigger, is getting a FULL remake. In HD 2D,” they boldly stated. And when they dropped the bomb that it’s likely headed to Nintendo Switch? Boy, that just added fuel to the fire!

However, let’s keep our feet on the ground. As is always the case with rumors, the full picture remains tantalizingly out of reach. But isn’t the thrill of the chase half the fun? The anticipation has us all on tenterhooks, desperate for more titbits of information to quench our thirst.

As we all hold our collective breaths, there’s another rumor floating around that a new Nintendo Direct will be hitting our screens in about 48 hours. Could it be possible that this will reveal the Chrono Trigger remake? Is the big reveal of our Chrono Trigger remake hiding there? That’s the million-dollar question that’s got the whole gaming world buzzing.

Chrono Trigger Remake News

Chrono Trigger Remake

The rumor source, Zippo, seems to be just as pumped about the potential news. They shared,

“Chrono Trigger is absolutely one of the greatest pieces of art to ever grace this planet. I cannot wait to see this in action. My god. I am shaking from excitement.”

But wait, let’s not put the cart before the horse. While we’re all agog with excitement, it’s vital to keep a check on those soaring expectations. It’s Zippo we’re relying on here, and while they’ve proven their worth in the past, it’s always sensible to sprinkle some skepticism until we get an official thumbs-up. There’s no confirmation of a Chrono Trigger remake!

So, for now, we’re keeping our fingers tightly crossed, hoping that the whispers of a Chrono Trigger remake aren’t just smoke and mirrors. Perhaps, before we know it, we’ll be plunging back into the labyrinth of time, relishing the renewed beauty of our favorite classic RPG.

Don’t go anywhere, my fellow gaming comrades! The potential unveiling of this Chrono Trigger remake draws nearer with every tick of the clock. Keep your eyes locked on that Nintendo Direct. Who knows, we might just be on the cusp of witnessing our cherished time-traveling heroes spring to life in spectacular HD 2D. Imagine that, huh? Talk about a dream come true!

Until then, let’s keep the conversation going. Keep the buzz alive! And, most importantly, let’s keep hoping. Because in the world of gaming, the impossible often becomes possible, and the unbelievable becomes a reality. Is the Chrono Trigger remake coming? Well, only time will tell!


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