Who is Angela Spica, The Engineer The Superman: Legacy Villain
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Who Is Angela Spica, A.K.A. The Engineer? The Superman: Legacy Female Villain

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BY December 15, 2023

Angela Spica is a D.C. Comics character associated with the Wildstorm Universe. She first appeared in The Authority #1, published by Wildstorm, an imprint of D.C. Comics, in 1999. The Authority is a superhero team created by Warren Ellis and Bryan Hitch.

Angela Spica, or The Engineer, is a skilled scientist and Engineer who can interface with technology. She possesses nanotechnological enhancements that allow her to manipulate her body on a molecular level, granting her various superhuman abilities. These enhancements give her the power to create and transform technology at will, making her a formidable asset to The Authority.

It’s important to note that the Wildstorm Universe is separate from the main D.C. Universe. Still, characters and concepts from Wildstorm have been integrated into the larger D.C. Multiverse following the New 52 and Rebirth initiatives. 

Who is Angela Spica? The Character’s Creation

Quién es The Engineer la villana de Superman: Legacy? Image: DC Comics

Writer Warren Ellis and artist Bryan Hitch created Angela Spica. She first appeared in The Authority #1, published in May 1999. The Authority was a Wildstorm Productions series, an imprint of Image Comics at the time. The Wildstorm Universe was known for its edgier and more mature take on superhero storytelling.

Warren Ellis, known for his work in the comic book industry and beyond, played a significant role in shaping the Wildstorm Universe during his run on The Authority. The series introduced a new, unconventional superhero team that challenged traditional comic book norms. As The Engineer, Angela Spica brought a unique blend of scientific expertise and nanotechnological powers to the team, contributing to the distinctiveness of The Authority series.

Angela Spica is based on a character Warren Ellis created, Steel Rain, first appearing in Marvel Comics’ 2099 Unlimited #9 in 1995. Since her incorporation into the D.C. Universe, Angela has exhibited a range of abilities, and her storyline has continued to evolve, demonstrating her resilience, intelligence, and adaptability.

Angela Spica’s Biography

Qué es 'The Authority'? El violento y épico cómic de DC que James Gunn llevará al cine - Vandal Random Image: DC Comics

Angela “Angie” Spica, also known as The Engineer, has a diverse and complex biography within the comic book realm. 

Early Life:

Angela Spica, the youngest of seven siblings, was born in Queens to a content, though not affluent, family. Her father, a bus driver, and her mother, employed in a launderette, provided a loving environment. Angela was fascinated with superheroes and demonstrated remarkable intelligence from an early age. In contrast to her peers, who engaged in play with toys, she delved into technology, constructing circuit boards with enthusiasm.

Becoming The Engineer:

Angela’s life underwent a profound transformation following the untimely demise of the first Engineer, a superhero. Unbeknownst to her, his nanotechnology notes found their way into her home computer, intersecting with her endeavors in human-machine fusion. Angela seized the opportunity after discovering the true identity of the first Engineer, whom she had known personally. Employing his nanotechnology, she orchestrated a metamorphosis, infusing her bloodstream with a metallic liquid teeming with nanobots. In doing so, she emerged as The Engineer, embracing a destiny intertwined with technological prowess and superheroic legacy.

Role in The Authority

Recruited by Jenny Sparks, Angela became a pivotal founding member of The Authority, a formidable and unorthodox superhero team. As The Engineer, she demonstrated many abilities, ranging from shape-shifting and self-duplication to radio telepathy and nanite fabrication, showcasing a diverse skill set that contributed significantly to the team’s potency.

WorldStorm Event

During the WorldStorm event, Angela Spica, alias The Engineer, developed a complex relationship with Captain Atom, who found himself displaced into the WildStorm Universe. Drawing upon her advanced nanotechnology, Angela proactively addressed imminent threats, such as the Warhol Virus. Moreover, she played a crucial role in various events involving The Authority, showcasing her versatility and strategic acumen. Her adept use of nanotechnology not only defined her character but also proved instrumental in navigating and mitigating the challenges that unfolded during this tumultuous period.

World’s End and Beyond:

During the cataclysm of World’s End, Angela temporarily lost her powers due to an electromagnetic pulse. She became an engineer, working to repair the Carrier and aid refugees. However, her nanomachines reactivated partially, allowing her to use her superhuman powers briefly. Also, Angela demonstrated resilience against threats like the Warhol Virus and worked on projects involving interstellar travel and dimensional shifts.

Angela Spica The Engineer’s Powers and Abilities


1.Blood Nanites:

    • Angela’s blood has been replaced with 9 pints of metallic liquid filled with nanobots.
    • Nanobots are controlled by her will, allowing her to adapt to various environments and adverse effects.
    • However the primary use is to coat herself in a metal liquid form for better control and protection.

2. Shape-Shifting:

    • Her liquid metal form allows her to shift her shape and form as desired.

3. Plasticity:

    • She can extend and stretch her metallic form with ease.

4. Adaptive Durability:

    • Coating her skin with a layer of metal protects her, making her a being of complete liquid metal.
    • This ability allows her to take direct hits from atomic bombs without sustaining damage.

5. Self-Sustenance:

    • She can modify her body to survive in space unharmed.

6. Nanite Fabricating:

    • Can create almost anything from trace elements in the air and soil.

7. Self-Duplication:

    • Angela can make an exact duplicate of herself, each possessing the same abilities and knowledge.
    • Also, she can create up to 82 copies, but concentration is needed to control details.

8. Radiotelepathy:

    • Implants designed by The Engineer allow for mechanically produced telepathy.
    • Enables instantaneous communication worldwide among members of The Authority.

9. Nanite Infection:

    • Angela can spread viruses that affect both machines and people.
    • Can use it to understand physiological functions, shut down bodies, or gain control.

10. Nanite Disintegration:

    • By extending the nanoload in a sphere, she can extrude machinery into a web of small knives.

11. Nanite Knowledge:

    • Nanites serve as a vast repository of information, capable of storing the knowledge of every book on Earth.

12. Nanite Sensors:

    • An invisible web of atom-sized machine sensors acts as a security field, susceptible to environmental changes.

13. Technopathy:

    • Furthermore, she can interface directly with machines, interact with computers, and accumulate data.

14. Electrokinesis:

    • Technopathy can manifest as a particular form of electrical manipulation.

15. Flight:

    • Angela Spica can fly without visible propulsion.

16. Interstellar Travel:

    • Generates boosters for escape velocity and uses nanites to drift and propel through space.


Angela Spica’s Abilities

  • Genius Level Intellect
  • Expertise in Science and Physics


The Engineer in Superman Legacy

Under the directorial guidance of James Gunn and slated to inaugurate the new D.C. Universe in 2025, Superman Legacy will cast The Engineer (Angela Spica) as its formidable antagonist. Notably, Venezuelan actress María Gabriela de Faría has been chosen to bring Angela Spica/The Engineer to life, according to a report by Deadline. This casting revelation further enriches an already stellar ensemble, featuring David Corenswet as Clark Kent, Rachel Brosnahan as Lois Lane, Isabela Merced as Hawkgirl, Nathan Fillion as Guy Gardner, Anthony Carrigan as Metamorpho, and Eddie Gathegi as Mister Terrific.

Beyond the individual talents, the diverse makeup of this cast not only foreshadows an engaging narrative but also provides a glimpse into the potential formation of The Authority, a superhero group confirmed by James Gunn. Furthermore, the prospect of The Authority receiving its own standalone movie in the future D.C. Universe adds an additional layer of anticipation to the unfolding cinematic universe.

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