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DC Comics is one of the oldest and most-renowned American comic publishing companies, with stadium-sized collections of superheroes. From Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman to Harley Quinn, Joker, and Darkseid, DC taught us memorable lessons about bravery, loyalty, and inclusive diversity.

Enter the Fascinating World of DC Comics

DC will not disappoint you! Read all comic series of your favorite superhero in detailed designs and interesting storylines. Their bestsellers are definitely of our childhood’s stars – Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Batgirl, Teen Titans, The Flash and more. Your imagination will be challenged and you will be entertained with an action-packed universe.

Some of the Most Popular DC Comics

Below is a short list of some of the most well-known DC franchises (in no particular order):
• The Return of Superman
• Batman Beyond
• Suicide Squad
• Teen Titans GO!
• Harley Quinn
• Young Justice (for kids)
• Dial H for Hero
• Batman and The Outsiders #12
• Wonder Woman And The Justice League Dark: The Witching Hour TP
• Justice League
• … and much more!

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DC ComicsMovies
How The DCEU Might Use Michael Keaton’s Batman And The Multiverse

Comic book fans all over felt a reaction to the news that Michael Keaton is in talks to play Batman again. However, because any fruits of those talks will be (at least) two years away, […]

June 25, 2020
Pride Month Graphic Novel Spotlight: You Brought Me the Ocean

DC Comics’ YA graphic novels are some of the company’s best work lately. Wonder Woman: Tempest, Teen Titans: Raven, The Oracle Code, and Superman Smashes the Klan (a middle-grade graphic novel), explore important topics in […]

June 24, 2020
DC ComicsReviewsTV Shows
Doom Patrol Season 2 Premiere Episodes Doubles Down On Emotional Storytelling And Oddities

On Thursday, when the first episodes of the Doom Patrol season 2 premiere hit DC Universe and HBO Max, we essentially get the first act of the whole season. Whereas Doom Patrol season 1 ran […]

June 23, 2020
DC ComicsTV Shows
Netflix Finally Sets Lucifer Season 5 Release Date, But It’s Not All Good News

23Ever since Lucifer debuted original episodes on Netflix, things have been going well for the Devil and the streamer. As we reported, they first added more episodes to the order for the ‘final’ season. Then […]

June 23, 2020
DC ComicsMovies
Michael Keaton In Talks To Play Batman Again In Flash Movie, Is The DCEU Is In Crisis?

A new report says that Tim Burton’s Batman may glide again in future DC movies as they work out how to present their cinematic universe. Michael Keaton is reportedly in talks to play Batman again […]

June 22, 2020
DC ComicsPop CultureReviews
Re-Watching The HBO Watchmen Series On Juneteenth Weekend: No Clarity Here

A much-maligned tweet went out this week promoting an interview with a writer from Watchmen discussing the current American moment in the context of the series. Part of what set people off, other than Twitter […]

June 22, 2020
DC ComicsMovies
Rumor: Jeffrey Dean Morgan To Play Thomas Wayne Batman In DCEU Flash Movie

Fans are buzzing about the DCEU again. There’ve been a string of great solo films, Birds of Prey was liked (if not profitable), and Wonder Woman 1984 is set to help save the movie business […]

June 21, 2020
DC ComicsMovies
Superman: Red Son Hits DC Universe, A Good Elseworlds Story That Lacks A Political Point-Of-View

Give the current political state of America, it’s an interesting time for the animated film Superman: Red Son to land on DC Universe. Taking the most popular American Boy Scout and turning him into a […]

June 19, 2020
DC ComicsTV Shows
New CW Social Media Comment Policy Seen As A Win For Candice Patton

Arguably the most important character on The Flash next to Barry Allen is Iris West-Allen, a reporter and canonical love of the Flash’s life. Yet, when the CW series first hit the air, some “fans” […]

June 17, 2020
DC ComicsTV Shows
April Bowlby of Doom Patrol Doing Live Chat And New DC Universe Trailer

Guten Tag, Doom Nation, and guess what? Elasti-Woman and the rest of the gang may be big HBO (Max) stars soon, but they’ll never forget their roots. The real-life Elasti-Woman, April Bowlby, of Doom Patrol […]

June 17, 2020