Snyderverse Canceled: Gunn And Safran DC Reboots Everything
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Snyderverse Canceled: Gunn And Safran DC Roadmap Reboots Everything

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BY December 8, 2022

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the Snyderverse has been canceled by DC’s board. Warner Bros. Discovery hired James Gunn and Peter Safran October as the directors of DC Studios. Although their work officially began in November, they are developing a new path that will allow DC to return to box office success. The productions of the DC universe are leaving much to be desired, as was the case with Justice League, Black Adam, and Shazam.

This forced David Zaslav, Warner’s president, to take matters into his own hands and put the two filmmakers in place to change the creative environment. Apparently, they are doing just that, as several reports state they have a rough draft of the path to follow in the next few years.

The sticking point is that this new roadmap could leave out the entire universe created by Zack Snyder. This director was the architect of the so-called Snyderverse, a series of films that began with Man of Steel and ended with Zack Snyder’s Justice League. . One of the most talked about cases is Wonder Woman 3, starring Gal Gadot.Warner Bros. could cancel this, and it would be one of many. It would also include other productions of the Snyderverse.

Snyderverse Canceled By Gunn And Safran DC Roadmap

zack snyder justice league sequel Image via Warner Media.

The Wonder Woman 3 movie and the Snyderverse could be canceled, according to a report filed by The Hollywood Reporter. This change is because this character’s plot differs from the story Safran and Gunn want to tell in DC’s new roadmap.

Both executives returned to Los Angeles to work on the new document after being in Aspen. They completed a draft, which, although still being determined, Fans can realize much of the roadmap described. Patty Jenkins also received this draft, who received the news of the cancellation of the production.

Wonder Woman Actress Image via Warner bros.

The positive point for DC is that the cancellation comes before spending a good sum of money on the film. Its production was to start in 2023, which implies that Warner Bros. stopped it at the right time. In fact, Jenkins would have already delivered a draft of the script of this production, which Geoff Johns created.

Is the Zack Snyder Universe Over?

Zack Snyder Justice League sequel Team. Image via Warner Media.

It remains unclear whether it is the end of the character within the Snyderverse or it will only be a reboot of this one. We already know that there will be a reset to the entire DC universe with the Flashpoint that we will see in The Flash. This will leave out the characters of the Snyderverse, and a new approach will begin. It is even rumored that Superman’s cameo could be removed from The Flash movie.

It may be the case that Gadot’s Wonder Woman will continue in DC but have a plot change. This is if we follow Zaslav’s comments that she wants to focus on the main characters of this comic book world, which includes her.

It also adds a comment from the actress on Twitter: “Can’t wait to share her next chapter with you”. Her statement seems like a farewell and also a welcome to something new. Something similar to the comment in the Mummy movie “The end is just the Beginning”.

Other DC Films That Could Be Affected

Blue Beetle Image via Warner Bros.

Gunn and Safran’s roadmap won’t just affect the Snyderverse and Wonder Woman. In fact, it will affect much of the DC world, especially the Snyderverse. This puts into question the production of the upcoming Man of Steel sequel with Henry Cavill that had been announced days before the release of Black Adam. The actor himself had declared the reboot of his character. However, it now seems that it is still being determined.

The new roadmap could place other characters, such as Supergirl, Clark Kent’s cousin. This would again leave Cavill out of character after the cameo he had in the film with Dwayne Jhonson in Black Adam. 

Jason Momoa Aquaman Image via Warner Bros

Another one who will be left out will be Jason Momoa’s Aquaman. However, it will be after the release of the sequel of this saga. Subsequently, it is rumored that the actor will play another character within DC who will be an antihero. It is Lobo, a little-known character, but apparently, Momoa wants to play. So his future could continue in DC, although not with the same role.

The sequel of Black Adam is also in doubt due to its little box-office success in its premiere. As commented in the report, it may enter into the balance with what has been collected so far.

Some productions are untouchable for Gunn and Safran, and among these leads Robert Pattinson’s The Batman. This may be due to the great success it had in the box office, plus the fact that it is a saga outside the DC plot. 

Some films are currently focal points, such as Blue Beetle. This production would fall within the plot of Gunn and Safran. Other characters, such as Shazam, are in an uncertain future with DC Films.

Featured Image Via Warner Bros. 

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