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The Flash Premiere Date Gets Pushed Forward

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BY December 6, 2022

The Flash has always had issues regarding its premiere date, considering that it was postponed several times. First due to problems with the production team, then because of difficulties in getting directors. Finally, it was the multiple issues with the protagonist of the film, Ezra Miller, with the law, which included several arrests and even a trial.

The Flash 2 Movie Script Image via Warner Bros.

Now the release date has changed again. However, it will not be postponed but pushed forward and will now release a week earlier. The reason for picking this date may be to avoid conflicts with other expected releases, such as Indiana Jones 5. The Disney production will be released on June 30, 2023, so Warner likely wants to avoid losing revenue for this almost simultaneous release.

Several questions arise with this new date and the release of The Flash. The most common is how the new heads of DC Studios will use the Flashpoint events to develop the DCEU.

The Flash Premiere Date Modified

The premiere date for The Flash was pushed forward from June 23, 2023, to June 16. Warner and Discovery announced it, sharing the good news that we will see the film earlier than expected. This is the first time that Warner has announced bringing a DC movie’s release date forward. Most of the DCEU movies suffered postponements. The Flash was one, as it was supposed to be released in 2022. Aquaman 2 was another movie for this year but was postponed to 2023.

Warner likely wants to respect the timeline in the different productions. The Flash, however, could change all that. If Warner decided to use the Flashpoint event from the comics, we would see a temporal change Flash causes when traveling to the past. This brings several effects, not only for the speedster on a personal level but to several DC characters too.

Ezra Miller's replacement (Image: Warner Bros.)

First, 2 Batmans would appear in The Flash, Ben Affleck’s, and Michael Keaton’s. If Warner uses the Flashpoint plot, it is possible that Michael Keaton will not be Bruce, but Thomas Wayne, his father. Another character affected would be Superman. With Flashpoint, Warner could give the last son of Krypton a different story. The new Superman could be less violent and work alongside his cousin Kara, considering that Supergirl’s appearance in The Flash is a fact.

The Flashpoint: a Tool to Tie DC Together

Since November, James Gunn and Peter Safran have taken the positions of heads of DC Studios. This creates a new horizon for DC, considering its problems in its movies and series. They stated that they were routing all the productions to link together. Likely, one of the tools they will use to create that route is The Flashpoint. This event, like Marvel’s Multiverse, provides several options for the characters.

First, you can completely erase one or more elements whose history has no connection to the story they want to develop. Warner’s new CEOs can also use it to decide which characters to include and which productions from David Zaslav’s filters. Remember, the head of Warner stated that he only wants quality productions, and those that do not exceed the standards will not be aired. We already know any show or movie can be canceled at any point, considering the cancellation of Batgirl.

Flash Actor Ezra Miller Image: Warner Bros.

Another story that may be influenced is Black Adam’s, considering some modifications they want to make to his timeline. For example, Doctor Fate returning to the arena and forming the Justice Society of America. Subsequently, the sorcerer could invite the antihero to join them.

This also brings other possibilities: other movies would be produced with different storylines. Gunn already stated that there would be productions out of the context of DC history, and can be attributed to being in other timelines. Another one that could change is the Flash himself if Warner changes the actor because of all the problems Ezra Miller caused. He also commented that he does not want to act again with this studio, so it may be an excellent opportunity to make the change.

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