Secret Invasion MCU Release Date Revealed On Disney+
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MCU Secret Invasion And Marvel Studios: Legends, Release Date Revealed On Disney+

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BY June 3, 2023

Nick Fury’s return to the MCU is near with Secret Invasion and Marvel Studios: Legends, and we already know the release date. The latter will show a prequel to the story, mainly focusing on former S.H.I.E.L.D boss Talos and Maria Hill.

Another upcoming series will be Secret Invasion, featuring several big-name actors, including Harrison Ford as Thunderbolt Ross. This will be aired shortly after Legends, also on Disney+. For now, Disney and Marvel have set the countdown for the premiere of both series. 

Marvel Legends Release Date Announced 

What If…? To Marvel Studios: Legends - Disney Plus Shows That Give ...

Marvel and Disney announced the release date for the MCU series Legends and Secret Invasion, both broadcast on their streaming platform. They noted that the first saga to be aired will be Legends, which will tell the story of Nick Fury after retiring from the world of espionage and how his return to it will be. It will also narrate the actions of other important elements, such as Talos and Maria Hill.

Another character that will be in this first filming will be G’iah, who Emilia Clark will represent. This character will be a Skrull on the planet that supposedly will make friends with Samuel Jackson’s Nick Fury and Cobie Smulders’ Maria Hill.

As for the release date, Marvel Studios stated that Legends will be a prequel to the events of Secret Invasion within the MCU. In fact, they emphasized that they will use them to tell the characters’ story, refresh and even introduce the characters so that the public is confident and knows some facts before the second series mentioned above.

Marvel Legends will be a limited series and will consist of 5 chapters that will be available on June 14, 2023. Also, it will be a week before the release date of MCU Secret Invasion. A point in question that they also indicated is that we will see the movement of the Skrull. These events will happen before their global invasion to the planet.

Secret Invasion MCU Release Date

Marvel's Secret Invasion Image via Marvel Studios

The studio also commented on the MCU Secret Invasion release date. As you can guess, it will be on Disney+ on June 21 of this year, 2023, and it will show how Nick Fury will have to fight from the shadows in his super spy style to fight against the Skrulls.

The trailer shows how he talks to President Ross, played by Harrison Ford. We assume that he reveals the situation they are going through and tells Fury that he must come out of retirement to stop this alien race’s invasion. The series will show how the super spy begins what they call his final journey to stop the Skrulls.

We also see how Fury interacts with Don Cheadle’s Rhodey, who could appear as War Machine. They might even reveal new information, even if it’s a prequel to the new Armor Wars movie.

The Skrulls will not leave it easy; they will attack President Ross’ motorcade. Ford’s character in the short film seems to be transforming into Red Hulk, so the character’s appearance could be in this series before Captain America 4: New World Order.

Other rumors start with the death of Fury himself because of the comment in the short that it would be his last action. This might be a bit hasty, considering he could fake his death again and run away from the action for good. Other comments suggest that we could see the first appearance of the villainous Super Skrull, the new evolution of this alien species.

The MCU premiere of Secret Invasion, where we will be able to solve these doubts, is just a few days away. 

Featured Image Via Marvel Studios  

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