Guy Ritchie's Netflix Gangster Thriller 'The Gentlemen': TV Review
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Theo James Shines In Guy Ritchie’s Outstanding Netflix Gangster Thriller ‘The Gentlemen’: TV Review

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BY March 5, 2024

In aristocracies worldwide, rank and title hold great significance. Guy Ritchie’s latest series for Netflix, is titled The Gentlemen. This adventure is set in the same world as his 2019 film. It is also a captivating exploration of legacy, family and the thrill of self-discovery. Although it features a revamped cast of characters, the series delves into a parallel criminal underworld portrayed in Ritchie’s film, making prior knowledge of the movie unnecessary.

Netflix’s The Gentlemen, Guy Ritchie’s New Netflix Thriller Adventure

The series begins in Turkey, where Army Captain Eddie Halstead (played by the stoically charming Theo James) and his team conduct checks at the Syrian border. Eddie, level-headed and generally affable, is called home suddenly due to his father’s worsening health. Upon his arrival at the family’s large estate, he meets his elegant mother, Lady Sabrina (played by Joely Richardson), his younger sister Charly (Jasmine Blackborow), and his older brother Freddy (Daniel Ings), a notorious hot mess and the potential heir to his father’s estate and dukedom. Unlike the British royal family, these aristocrats forge their path.

After the death of his father, Eddie, initially the sober one, unexpectedly inherits the title. In addition, the estate and the challenges and privileges of being the firstborn. In addition to getting a handle on Freddy’s turbulent behavior, Eddie discovers something shocking. The family’s vast tract of land houses a segment of a major cannabis empire. This operation is overseen by Bobby Glass (Ray Winstone), who is in jail, and efficiently run by his daughter, the impeccably dressed and meticulous Susie (Kaya Scodelario).

Bound by his father’s pact with the Glass family until he devises an escape plan. Here Eddie is confronted by a cast of eccentric and unpredictable characters. From the scheming Stanley Johnston (Giancarlo Esposito), an American billionaire bent on taking over the Halstead estate, to a volatile Liverpool criminal organization led by the formidable religious figure known as The Gospel. In addition, Eddie finds himself navigating Susie’s world, a very different experience from his military training.

Between shootouts, double-crosses and machete attacks, Eddie discovers that gangster life can be an environment in which he unexpectedly flourishes.

A Balance Amidst the Chaos of the Plot

James’ interpretation of Eddie serves as the foundation amidst the chaos, providing a serene demeanor amidst the constant madness, contributing to the seamless charm of The Gentlemen. However, his serenity takes on a darker edge as the challenges increase. Fascinated by Susie and her prowess in managing the cannabis empire, both possess unique approaches to problem solving. Despite the suspicions that tinge their growing chemistry, Eddie and Susie are intrigued by each other’s opposite but complementary methods. Juggling his family’s assets and the interests of the Glass family becomes a challenge for Eddie.

In addition to managing the family estate and criminal entanglements, Eddie finds his patience tested when dealing with his older brother, Freddy. Freddy’s absurd antics are manifold. For example, the chicken suit debacle in the series premiere, “Refined Aggression,” which later poses a serious threat in the finale, “The Gospel According to Bobby Glass.” However, Eddie remains steadfast in protecting his older brother, even when Freddy goes straight to jeopardizing everything Eddie strives to maintain.

The Gentlemen series features absurd scenarios and numerous unsavory characters. It also has a stylish presentation, which adds to the overall fun and whimsy. The picturesque settings, well-designed costumes and the inclusion of on-screen text guide the audience through various treats. Some characters and plots create a visually captivating and intricately woven narrative throughout its eight episodes.

The Gentlemen Series A Worthy Sequel to the Hit Movie

The Gentlemen series entertains with its mix of mischief, intricate plots, and gory violence. The Netflix show addresses some of the shortcomings of its cinematic predecessor, dealing with issues such as racist portrayals while staying true to Guy Ritchie’s signature style. The series’ characters, devoid of morals, prioritize their interests and enterprises, even if it means betraying their allies. Eddie, in particular, discovers the power within his tainted lineage and faces a darkness he never knew existed.

The Gentlemen Will Be Available on March 7 on Netflix.

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