Austin Butler Dune Part: Two Kiss Revealed to be Improvised
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Austin Butler Shares Insight On Improvised Kiss With Onscreen Uncle Stellan Skarsgård In Dune: Part Two

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BY March 5, 2024

Austin Butler plays Feyd-Rautha in Dune: Part Two. Now the actor has revealed that he has undergone vocal training to mimic Stellan Skarsgård’s voice in the film. Furthermore, this effort highlights Butler’s commitment to capturing the nuances of his character and enhancing the authenticity of his performance in the sci-fi sequel.

Austin Butler Reveals He Improvised Dune: Part Two Kiss With Stellan Skarsgård

Austin Butler is providing insight into how the unsettling kiss with his onscreen uncle Stellan Skarsgård was portrayed in Dune: Part Two.

In a scene from the new sci-fi sequel, Butler’s character, the villainous Feyd-Rautha, receives a promotion from his uncle, Baron Vladimir Harkonnen (Skarsgård). In this sequence, Feyd-Rautha kisses Baron Harkonnen on the lips, eliciting cheers from the audience.

Access Hollywood inquired about the improvised kiss to Butler, 32, who responded, “Oh, yeah. He’s game for anything. He’s the best. … It’s always about how you’re trying to affect somebody else.”

Butler revealed to ScreenRant that he underwent vocal training to sound more like Skarsgård who is 72, for his role in Dune.

“I realized that I had grown up with the Baron. Also that the Baron is the one with the most power and that we end up absorbing by osmosis the traits of the people we grow up with, but mostly those we admire in some way,” he explained to the publication.

“I was working with Tim Monich, who is sort of the godfather of dialect coaches. He also helped me perfect Stellan’s voice and what he does in the film,” Butler explained.

“It is also just figuring out how his childhood shapes him into who he becomes,” the Oscar-nominated Elvis star added. When you’re raised in brutality, you have a necessity for violence in order to survive, so I think that ends up changing the way that his mind is.”

Dave Bautista Has Another Scene Involving Kissing

Dave Bautista plays Rabban, the brother of Feyd-Rautha, Austin Butler’s character in Dune: Part Two, in the Harkonnen family. In one particular scene, Feyd-Rautha forces Rabban to kiss his feet, symbolizing domination.

“That scene was so wild because I have so much respect for you,” Butler told Bautista, 55, a former Guardians of the Galaxy member, in an interview with USA Today.

Dave Bautista expressed his appreciation for the scene where Rabban kisses Feyd-Rautha’s feet, noting that it provided an opportunity to reveal Rabban’s true character. He emphasized how such moments could evoke a sense of sympathy for even a despicable character like Rabban.

Dune: Part Two is currently sweeping box offices around the world.

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