Stephen King Netflix Movie Goes Viral For Its Ending Scene
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Stephen King’s Netflix Film Turns Viral For Its Brutal Ending

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BY April 17, 2024

Another Stephen King movie streaming on Netflix has gained widespread attention, this time due to its unpredictable and captivating conclusion.

Stephen King’s legacy in horror literature has inspired countless adaptations across film and television, captivating audiences with his iconic stories. Now, a movie adaptation available for streaming on Netflix has captured widespread attention, particularly for its thrilling and unexpected conclusion, rooted in a classic Stephen King novel.

Stephen King Netflix Movie Goes Viral On Tik Tok

In his early works, Stephen King introduced readers to chilling tales such as Carrie, ‘Salem’s Lot, The Shining, and Pet Sematary. As his career progressed, he delved into crafting new psychological horrors, leading to one particular story that was deemed nearly impossible to adapt for the screen. However, director Mike Flanagan defied expectations, delivering audiences one of the most remarkable modern adaptations of Stephen King’s revered literature.

The Netflix movie was released almost a decade ago. However, it has once again captured the attention of social networks for its shocking ending. The ending features a villain that disturbs viewers for several reasons. One of them is the performance of actor Carel Struycken, which has reignited interest in the film.

Fans may recognize Struycken from his notable roles in productions. Some are like Twin Peaks, The Addams Family and another Stephen King adaptation directed by Flanagan, 2019’s Doctor Sleep. However, this time we will focus on his performance in the 2017 film Gerald’s Game.

Netflix movie Gerald’s Game represents Mike Flanagan’s initial foray into adapting Stephen King sprawling and influential collection. It additionally centers on Carla Gugino’s character, Jessie, who finds herself handcuffed to a bed by her husband, played by Bruce Greenwood. The couple’s attempt to revitalize their marriage in a secluded lake house takes an unforeseen turn. Here the unexpected demise of Greenwood’s character occurs, leaving Gugino’s protagonist trapped.

It’s a chilling premise with an even more unsettling antagonist, the Moonlight Man, brought to life by the aforementioned Struycken. A clip featuring him has been circulating on YouTube, contributing to the renewed viral interest in the film.

It’s remarkable to witness how Stephen King’s narratives, coupled with Mike Flanagan’s powerful directing approach, continue to captivate audiences today. Subscribers can experience the gripping Stephen King adaptation, Gerald’s Game, for themselves on Netflix.

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