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The Most Popular TV Shows Based on DC and Marvel Comics

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BY January 3, 2022

Reading comics about superheroes is just amazing. However, the cinema industry is bringing this common hobby to a higher level. If you are fond of reading comics, you might be wondering whether there are any TV shows based on your favorite options. In this post, you will find a top list of the most popular and spectacular TV shows based on Marvel and DC comics.

Before You Start 

There is nothing new that TV shows might appear to be very addictive. The best ones are so exciting that you can easily start sticking to the screen days and nights. Moreover, some shows have hundreds of episodes, so you can spend all your free time watching the best TV series.

Legion Series Finale

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Top TV Series Based on DC and Marvel Comics

The world of cinema and TV shows is overwhelming. There are dozens of different series based on Marvel and DC comics. However, to make your choice easier, we’ve collected the best TV series that are highly valued by thousands of comics fans all over the world. Discover the list of the true masterpieces in the cinema based on popular comics.


Arrow Legacy Featured Image via CW

This TV show has incredibly high rankings due to its perfect plot and unforgettable scenes. The main characters are brilliant. Arrow has been popular for more than seven years, so you will enjoy watching dozens of series for weeks and months. Most cinema experts believe that Arrow is one of the best DC shows of all time. Although this series is now over, it had a great impact on the TV industry.


Lucifer Crisis On Infinit Earths Shirtless Image via Netflix

This is another superior TV show based on one of the most outstanding characters of DC comics. The audience enjoyed watching the life of Lucifer (Tom Ellis) who relocates from Hell to Earth. In this reality, he owns a nightclub and faces lots of challenges. The first seasons were shot by Fox, while the last ones were created by Netflix. It is worth mentioning that all seasons are intriguing, exciting, and long-awaited by comics fans.


Legion Series Finale Image via Marvel Television

On FX, this X-Men adjacent series followed the adventures of David, the son of Charles Xavier. It’s not tied to any particular movie or TV series continuity, but offered up a unique take on the mutant issue that drives these stories. Part superhero adventure and part Twin Peaks, this strange, trippy series delighted fans of the comics and newfound fans alike. Not only is this a good series, but it is also one that pushed the boundaries of what a Marvel television show could be.

Doom Patrol

Sex Patrol Doom Patrol Flex Mentallo Morally Corrupt Image via Warner Bros. Television

Most comics enthusiasts have read or at least heard about Doom Patrol, a comic book about superheroes. This popular TV series is based on the life of people with superpowers who fight crime. These are heroes who prefer to avoid living in a traditional society because of their outstanding skills. They live in residence and work as a team to achieve their main goal. Doom Patrol is a relatively new TV series that is not over yet.


izombie Image via the CW

This famous TV show is based on a Vertigo comic book. The main character, a young lady, suddenly wakes up as a zombie after a common party. She is forced to change her habits and the entire environment to accept her new skills. The girl becomes a medical examiner and assists in solving crimes in her city. If you don’t mind exploring the receipts from human brains, this TV series might appear to become one of your favorites.

The Flash

Arrow Legacy Flash Ezra Miller Grant Gustin Image via Instagram

If you haven’t already seen this exceptional TV show, it might be the best option to start. This series is based on DC comics and has a top-notch and astonishing plot. According to numerous cinema critics, The Flash has one of the most successful renditions of the comics hero. This TV series is a mixture of fantastic scenes, adventure, and comedy. Not to mention, it was nominated for dozens of awards in the cinema niche.


Supergirl canceled featured. Image via The CW.

This TV show is about a lady with fantastic powers. She is a cousin of Superman and has outstanding skills and courage. If you are tired of watching only male heroes, this series is right what you might need. You will be amazed by the perfect scenes, interesting plot, and excellent performance of the main characters. This super lady will make you forget about everything! Being one of the most popular TV series of all time, Supergirl is still attracting thousands of fans all over the world.

Agents of SHIELD

Agents Of Shield The New Mutants in the MCU Image via ABC

Originally a tie-in to the cinematic MCU, this ABC TV series took on a life of its own. The colorful cast of characters brought classic comics characters and brand-new heroes and villains to life. The show had a rough start. Ironically, after SHIELD fell in Captain America: The Winter Soldier, the show really started to find its own voice. The series ended up being about a ragtag group of spies who had to defend the world from aliens, monsters, super-powered people, and time itself.


Pennyworth Season 1 Episode 101: Pilot Image Credit: Epix

This superior TV series is about the life of Alfred Pennyworth, a family butler. However, he is not a common professional in a chosen field. Alfred is a former soldier who establishes a security company in the early 60s. However, the main hero becomes a subject of interest for a secret organization that would like to become a leading political power in the British government. The TV show contains lots of spectacular moments, secrets, and tons of hilarious jokes. It has countless fans worldwide and remains one of the most successful series based on comic books.

All in all, there are many more popular TV shows that originate from well-known comics. These are Titans, Gotham, Preacher, Watchmen, Legends of Tomorrow, Agents of Shield, Daredevil, and others. If you are fond of reading comic books, you will definitely find a special series that will perfectly suit your tastes and preferences. Feel free to choose any of the most popular shows with high ratings, and enjoy having a great time!

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