Justice League Members: A Breakdown of DC Comics Superheroes
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Top 10 Justice League Members: A Breakdown Of Most Popular DC Comics Superheroes

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BY December 16, 2022

The Justice League members are the most famous heroes in the DC comic book world. It far surpasses the Justice Society of America and the Teen Titans. This organization of Superheroes has a wide variety of characters, and now we will make a top of the best members of the justice league.

Top 10 of the Justice League Members

DC Future State Week Two, Justice League, Next Batman, Superman, Green Lantern, Sojourner Mullein, Jessica Cruz, Guy Gardner, John Stewart, Wonder Woman, Flash, Aquawoman, Superwoman, Kara Zor-El What happened to the old guard? (Images: Future State: Justice League #1, DC Comics)

Kyle Rayner a Green Lantern Justice League Member

Justice League Members Image: DC Comics

This character was the last Green Lantern on Earth and in the universe when Parallax exterminated the Green Lantern corps. This member of the Justice League obtained the ring from Earth’s first belonging member, Hal Jordan, gaining the powers and quickly mastering them. 

This character occupies this place at the top due to his outstanding participation. This added to the fact that he had to master the powers of the ring without being able to be mentored by other lanterns.

Black Canary  the Ultrasonic Heronine Squealer

Deathstroke Inc, Slade Wilson, Black Canary, Dinah Lance, DC Comics, Joshua Williamson, Howard Porter, Hi-Fi, Joe Manganiello, Batman, Teen Titans, Judas Contract, Lazarus Contract (Image: DC Comics)

Black Canary is one of the most discriminated heroines, although her participation is remarkable as a member of the Justice League. Not only for being a relentless fighter who never gives up, but her sonic power is also simply lethal. On several occasions, she has helped the main characters, such as Batman, Aquaman, and Flash, using her strength.

This Justice League member is gaining more ground nowadays because of the theme of female inclusion. Not only because more women are reading comics these days but also because of the aggressive attitude she shows, a fact that everyone loves.

Cyborg The Latest Shocking Addition of Justice League Members 

Justice League Cyborg Image: DC Comics

Cyborg came a little later to become a member of the Justice League. The character appeared as a member of the team in a 2011 reboot. His origin is tied to the Mother Boxes and the New Gods. Cyborg became so prominent that he had a major role in the Justice League movies.

Barry Allen The Scarlet Speedster

The Flash Comic Book Image: DC Comics

Barry Allen is one of the most emblematic members of the Justice League, and he has gained a lot of popularity in a short period. His power to run at high speed is amazing, but what catches users’ attention is his ability to travel to the past. This provoked several Flashpoints, which changed the course of history and caused interest in the public for the consequences of this character’s actions.

In fact, this phenomenon will be used by DC Studio to reboot its entire comic book universe and set up a new plot.

Wonder Woman An Amazon among the Justice League Members

Wonder Woman Comic Image: DC Comics

She is the strongest Amazon and the last Greek god who can stop Ares. Her strength is incredible, as well as her agility and her warrior spirit make her one of the most outstanding members of the Justice League. She never says no to a fight, but she never leaves a partner or friend behind.

Hal Jordan the First Green Lantern

Justice League, Justice League Dark, Wonder Woman, Superman, Batman, Flash, Aquawoman, Green Lantern, John Stewart, Sojourner Mullein I’m always rooting for someone to punch Hal Jordan. (Image: DC Future State: Green Lantern #2, DC Comics)

He was the first Green Lantern on Earth and the most powerful of the corps in his time. Hal Jordan was the one who discovered Sinestro as a traitor to the group and was the one who stopped his evil plans on several occasions. was part of the original Justice League team and helped them stop great dangers to the Earth and the universe.

Aquaman The King of Atlantis 

DC Comics Digital First, Steve Orlando, Aquaman, Black Mantis, Atlantis, Museum of Natural History, Queen Mera, Jason Momoa, Amber Heard (Image: Aquaman: Deep Dives #1, DC Comics Digital First)S

He is the King of Atlantis and the master of the oceans who wields the trident capable of controlling the oceans. Aquaman was an original member of the Justice League, although sometimes underestimated. He can talk to all marine fauna and has great strength, similar to that of Wonder Woman, nobility, and a great fighting spirit.

Martian Manhunter One of the Most Mightiest Members of the Justice League

Martian Manhunter

Despite not being from the original group of Justice League characters, he currently occupies a place among the most important. He not only can become invisible and pass through solid matter, but he can also change shape and read thoughts by touching a person. 

Martian Manhunter has had great importance for its analytical ability, making it one of the best detectives. He also has the capacity of infiltration to collect information that makes him be in this place of the top.

Superman the Greatest Superhero Ever and a Pop Culture Symbol

Superman, Paul Levitz, DC Comics, Brian Michael Bendis, Comic Shops, Independent Bookstores, Covid-19 (Image: Superman (2018) #21, DC Comics)

We reach the final places of the top of the members of the Justice League with Superman. Now we have one of the most important, the last son of Krypton, in this place because he influenced the group. Not only is he one of the most correct, but he is also the strongest of the whole team. His powers make him one of the hardest members to beat, vulnerable only to Kryptonite and magic.

Batman A Non-Powered Man Who Became Leader of the Justice League

Next Batman, Harley Guinn, Arkham Knights, Signal, Katana, Black Lightning, John Ridley, Stephanie Phillips, Simone DiMeo, Paul Jenkins, Laura Braga Is he throwing Staples “Easy Buttons” at them? That’s not how they work, dude. (Image: Future State: The Next Batman #3, DC Comics)

Batman is number 1 in this top because he is the most influential despite not having a superpower. This is not because of his high capacity for financial resources but because of his mental capacity and big heart. Batman has a plan for every situation, and if he doesn’t have one, he creates it using everything he has. He also does not hesitate to sacrifice himself for the common good, even of the Earth, as seen in the animated movie Justice League: Public Enemies.

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