Wonder Woman Cartoon, James Gunn Hints It's in the Works
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Wonder Woman Cartoon Series, James Gunn Hints It’s in the Works

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BY March 12, 2023

The beginning of the new DC universe is just around the corner, and Warner Bros. is starting to show some of the advances. In this version, they will build the plot using series, movies, and animated series, according to Peter Safran and James Gunn’s statements. They confirmed the first major production, Superman: Legacy. However, a Gunn comment opens the door to a Wonder Woman cartoon series. 

The director commented on Twitter while responding to a fan post. The tweet mentioned the character reflecting its importance. Responding to the tweet, Gunn agreed and clarified that they considered it. Little by little more information appears about what will be seen in the new DC revival.

Wonder Woman Cartoon Series, James Gunn Hints It’s in the Works

A New Animated 'Wonder Woman' Movie Might Be In The Works - Heroic Hollywood

While it is true that Warner and DC stated that they would not give information about the production of the new story of this comic book world, some of Gunn’s comments make us notice some works that are in progress, such as the Wonder Woman cartoon series.

In a publication, a fan indicated that Wonder Woman was one of the focal points that DC and Warner should have. The reasons he gave were mainly that she is one of the central characters of the DC Universe. Gunn responded to the fan’s post, indicating that the fan was right.

The hashtag in the post referred to a Wonder Woman cartoon series, not a movie. Gunn asserted that they are working on that somewhat disturbingly, which would indicate at least one such Wonder Woman production is planned.

Likely, we won’t have any more details on the Wonder Woman cartoon series for now. James Gunn and Peter Safran said they would give the first information on each DC production at Comic-Con. However, if not, they would do so at a later press conference.

Main DC Characters in the Directors’ Sights

Upcoming DC Movies Image: James Gunn Twitter/DC Comics

If we analyze the statements of Safran, Gunn, and David Zaslav himself, we can realize that they want to develop the main DC characters. First, we have the young version of Superman, who is in the process of defining what direction his life will take. This will be seen in the first film, Superman: Legacy.

According to James Gunn’s recent release, the Wonder Woman cartoon series is in sight. According to DC’s directors, all these productions will blend, creating the plot of this whole new universe. They may start a multiversal story using Ezra Miller’s The Flash movie as an anchor point.

However, according to Gunn’s statements, not all productions will be in the plot. Some movies and series will not be part of this story. An example is the movie Joker: Folie à Deux, which will be released in 2024. We will also have the sequel to The Batman and HBO’s Penguin series.

We are at the close of the DCEU that began with Zack Snyder’s vision in the 2013 Man of Steel movie. Let’s wait for his results, considering the existing doubts in some productions, such as Aquaman 2. Many tests hinted that the latter would be a total disaster.

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