Aquaman 2 Movie Featured Major Plot Changes In Post-Production
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Aquaman 2 Movie Featured Major Plot Changes In Post-Production

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BY February 26, 2023

The Aquaman 2 movie is currently in a whirlwind, DC Films held several test screenings, and the results are bad. The comments were negative, categorizing the movie as terrible and saying it would be the worst movie of the DCEU.

This led to further changes to the film’s plot, even though it is already in post-production. Changes in this production seem to be usual because of all the times it has been modified. First, it had the appearance of Keaton’s Batman, then it was Ben Affleck, and now it is none. Plus, we now have that the threat is a personal enemy of King Arthur and not an alien menace, as initially stated.

Aquaman 2 Movie Still in Development Changes

Jason Momoa Aquaman Image via Warner Bros

In a statement from KC Walsh, we learned that the production of Aquaman 2 movie is undergoing severe changes in post-production. He made these statements through his Twitter account, posting that ” completely changed the plot”. Not only that, but the final result now available is nothing like the four previous movies that were approved.

The official publication of this informant said: “Every test screening has had mostly unfinished VFX, and no one walked out, the main issue was they completely changed the plot and villains of the film, it’s not even the same movie that tested 4 times prior”.

Walsh commented that in the last versions of Aquaman 2 movie, they focused on the same villains. The only thing they did was to change the plot of the story. He clarified that in the previous version, Black Manta was possessed by the spirit of an ancient king and would use it to obtain royal blood and revive his ancient kingdom.

In an interview on The John Campea Show, another guest, Robert Meyer Burnett, confirmed Walsh’s publications. He told the show the following about Aquaman 2 movie:

“I have heard that they’re doing reshoots. They’re changing a significant plot point… Look, this movie, just like the first one, I’m sure, the potential for goofiness is there… A lot of people don’t dig that… There’s a lot of people where that’s not their thing. So, it might be a tonal issue. It might be something that it’s too fantasy for them. I just don’t buy it until we see the whole film. The problem is, people would rather report on something being bad than good.”

What will Happen With The Half-human, Half-Atlantean Sequel?

Aquaman 2 Image via Warner Bros.

This situation raises the question of what will happen to this film. This one was changed so many times that the original version has no trace left. Aquaman 2 movie would have cameos from several heroes, such as Michael Keaton and Ben Affleck, who are now gone. It would also have some relationship with The Flash, an element lost.

On the other hand, the poor chemistry between Moma and Amber Heard has forced the editors to modify the plot. Therefore, Aquaman 2 movie will be more focused in the relationship between the siblings. This fact brought controversy. While the now former president of DC Walter Hamada commented at the time the chemistry problems and his initial intention to leave more aside the love story, Amber Heard was convinced from the beginning that the reduction of her scenes

All comments indicate that the result of the Aquaman 2 movie will be terrible. It would ruin one of the franchises that lifted Warner and DC. In fact, it is causing Jason Momoa, the main character of this saga, to consider leaving the character. They say that is why he will now represent Lobo, in the universe that James Gunn and Peter Safran are creating.

For now, the changes will continue, and we will have to see the final results on December 25, 2023, when this movie will be released in theaters. 

Featured Image Via Warner Bros. Discovery



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