The Joker New Movie: Joaquin Phoenix Doing Scenes In DTLA
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The Joker New Movie: Joaquin Phoenix Filmed Doing A Scene In DTLA

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BY March 6, 2023

Actor Joaquin Phoenix is back as the maniacal clown in The Joker new movie. He was spotted recently filming several scenes of the film. In these images, we can see how the character Arthur Fleck is being chased through the streets of DTLA.

This was part of one of the scenes. Several locals were able to record the above part of the shooting. An interesting fact is that they showed a normal Arthur Fleck. In these scenes, he did not have clown makeup but a business suit; ironically, those chasing him were people disguised as the Joker. Other confirmed film components were also missing, which raised some concerns.

The Joker New Movie: DTLA Leaked Scenes

In the leaked scenes, we could see actor Joaquin Phoenix running and walking through the streets of DTLA. The actor was filming one of the scenes of The Joker new movie. In these images, we can see how his character Arthur Fleck has normal clothing, and even his face is that of an ordinary person. However, he is running away from several people who are disguised as the Joker.

Several city inhabitants took the opportunity to record these scenes from the top of their balconies. We could also see the film’s director Todd Phillips walking the streets and talking to Phoenix, giving him directions for the upcoming shots. Both paid little attention to the people watching and filming.

One resident from above recorded the entire scene and posted it on social media. However, he commented that he was not impressed by the actor or that he was working on the streets of this city. We may see more Joker new movie leaks coming soon on social media.

A curious fact about the shoot they were doing is that it took outdoors. The plot of this movie is supposed to take place in Arkham Asylum, where this villain is confined. He would meet Harley Quinn, played by Lady Gaga, who was also not in this scene.

Interesting Details of the Scene with the Gotham Clown

Joaquin Phoenix as Joker Image via Warner Bros.

As for the scenes of The Joker new movie, there are several elements to note, such as Arthur Fleck seeming partially sane. The character dresses like a businessman with the makeup almost wiped off, without the outlandish purple suit. There’s also the fact that Lady Gaga is absent from the scene.

The fact that the actress is not in the scene gives rise to two theories that make some sense in keeping with the character. The first theory posits that these events predate the first film, which explains Lady Gaga’s absence. However, it is not very credible due to the presence of the people disguised as clowns.

Another theory comments that this scene of The Joker new movie is a mental representation of Fleck during therapy. The normal person is the little sanity he possesses, and the people dressed as the Joker are those crazy and homicidal tendencies that tend to possess him. This one makes more sense than the first, considering he is in therapy with Dr Harley Queen. However, instead of curing him, she will lose her mind, becoming Harley Quinn as in the comic. Although, according to the latest rumors, everything points to the fact that this new Harley Quinn will be very different from the version we know, thanks to Margot Robbie.

Although the first installment was very successful, it has also been controversial due to its portrayal of violence and mental disorder. Another part of the critics defends it as a social critique and reflects today’s society’s lack of empathy and inequalities. The Joker new movie will probably provoke a debate as intense as the first installment.

If you wonder which of the theories will be the correct one, we will have to wait until the premiere of The Joker: Folie à Deux, which will be on October 4, 2024.

Featured Image Via Warner Bros. 



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