Kyle Gallner As The Next Green Arrow, Hunch Or Request
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Kyle Gallner As The Next Green Arrow, Hunch Or Request

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BY January 26, 2023

While waiting for James Gunn and Peter Safran to reveal something about their plan for DC, speculation continues to grow. This time it’s about the possibility of Kyle Gallner as the next Green Arrow. The actor has expressed on several occasions his interest in playing this character. He is a character that Warner Bros. has not exploited in movies, and he would fit very well in the new DC reboot.

In addition, Kyle Gallner began his career in the DC universe, specifically in the Smallville series. He has recently played roles in science fiction productions and, judging by this design. His appearance is quite well-suited to Green Arrow.

Kyle Gallner As The Next Green Arrow, Hunch, Or Request 

Kyle Gallner as Green Arrow Image: DC Comics

With the departure of Henry Cavill as Superman, Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman, and the possible departure of Jason Momoa as Aquaman, the DC universe is reeling. The new leadership is removing all the characters from the Snyderverse, opening the door for new characters. 

One that Warner Bros. has in the drawer is Green Arrow. The character first appeared on the small screen in Smallville and later on the CW with his own series. The actor who played him at the time was Stephen Amell. He has also expressed interest in playing the superhero in the DCEU, but he is 41 years old, which may be a limitation.

That’s why Kyle Gallner may fit the bill better. Here we have a fan art created by where we can see what the actor would look like as Green Arrow. The result is spectacular, and the actor has already expressed interest in playing the character. The image makes Gallner’s profile look ideal for the character, asking whether it is a prediction or a request.

Fans are asking for more information about the characters that will bring the new DC universe, and one of them is Green Arrow. This image could be both a request and a suggestion from fans who want to see Kyle Gallner on DC’s big screen. 

The option of a forecast is latent, considering that Gunn wants to explore DC’s main characters, and this is one of them. This character’s past is interesting, just like Batman and Superman. It’s sure to be a story that DC management will want to tell. 

What Plot Could we Cee in the Possible Green Arrow Movie? 

The Flash Armageddon Finale Green Arrow Mia Oliver Queen Image via the CW

We may see some of the character’s origins less darkly than in the Arrow series. The CW series had a tone that didn’t fit the style Gunn and Safran wanted for DC productions. We’ll likely see the trauma of this one as a young man, but he’ll be positioned more as a symbol of justice rather than an avenger. 

Another aspect to consider is who will be the actor who could play him. Kyle Gallner, the former actor who played Bart Allen on Smallville, has been tipped by fans to play him. If we look at the fan art, we can see a similar demeanor to the hero. However, the films he has made recently are not in the science fiction genre.

Among the productions where we saw Gallner recently, we have Scream 5, Smile, A Nightmares on Elm Street 5, The Haunting in Connecticut, Jennifer’s Body, and Dinner in America. These are not very comic book-style characters. However, it’s not a deterrent either.

Only Gunn and Safran know if Kyle Gallner will be Green Arrow. It would be cool to see him as this hero and fight alongside the rest of the Justice League in live-action. Moreover, his relationship with the heroine Black Canary and her team-up fights with Batman and Flash.

Featured Image Via DC Comics 




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