Aquaman 2 Reshoots: The Latest DCEU Movie Is In Trouble!
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Aquaman 2 Reshoots: The Latest DCEU Movie Needs New Post-Production Footage

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BY July 10, 2023

Ahead of the start of DC’s new phase led by James Gunn and Peter Safran, things are going worse than we anticipated. First, we had the failure of Shazam 2 and then The Flash’s nosedive. Things are not looking so good for the latest productions inherited from the old management. On the one hand, Blue Beetle is not raising any expectations; on the other, Aquaman 2 has returned to the kitchen for reshoots.

This movie starring Jason Momoa has been full of controversy for years. First, it was in the limelight because of the Amber Heard and Jhonny Depp lawsuit. This proccess caused a huge scandal when the actress’ accusations were proven false, it even escalated to the DC Films board at the time. The executive even appeared at the trial, claiming that Amber Heard and Jason Momoa had poor on-screen chemistry, among other things.

Another aspect that concerned fans was the changes they made due to poor results in the quality test. Now as icing on the cake, the Aquaman 2 movie to reshoots. 

Aquaman 2 Reshoots: The Latest DCEU Movie Needs New Post-Production Footage

Jason Momoa Aquaman Image via Warner Bros

The new beginning of the new story to be written by James Gunn and Peter Safran in the world of DC is approaching. However, there is still the premiere of Aquaman 2 that has returned to reshoots. What will be the last DCEU production that started with Zack Snyder is worrying fans. From the beginning, that movie showed problems not only with some actors but in the plot in general. 

Now Warner Bros. Pictures and several cast members announced that there will be again reshoots of Aquaman 2. The movie is currently in post-production. The first to post about this was Jason Momoa. The actor showed a photo of himself in Aquaman’s outfit and indicated that he would be filming new scenes with his character.

Another who also confirmed that new scenes from the movie was Patrick Wilson. This star plays the role of Orm, Aquaman’s half-brother. He spoke a lot about his character and indicated that he is delighted with the approach he has been given in this new sequel.

We still don’t know what Aquaman 2 scenes will be at the reshoots. It should be noted that the film has enough changes to leave many doubts about its quality, in addition to all the existing delays and comments made by various critics about it.

Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom in a Complicated Situation

Jason Momoa Aquaman Image: Warner Bros. Discovery/DC Comics/Jason Momoa Instagram

Aquaman 2 leaves many doubts, not only because of the delays and reshoots but because of all the changes around this movie. The production was supposed to be ready by the end of 2021. However, with the end of the DCEU and the departure of several characters, including Henry Cavill as Superman, several cameos were eliminated from the film. This would include Michael Keaton’s version of Batman. After the results of The Flash, it is doubtful that the cameo will appear.

Subsequently, we have the changes made in 2022. At that time, quality tests of the film indicated that it was lousy. This generated new reshoots, creating a new version of Aquaman 2. All this generates a bad climate among the fandom. If we look closer, it has some similarities with The Flash. This movie turned out to be a failure for DC.

Wilson’s comments indicate that his character has relevance in the story. However, the plot seems to be another case and could indicate that this filming could die before its own release. Even it would be an already announced failure, with so many changes.

In fact, one of the rumors would indicate that Momoa is already in talks to play another DC character. The character that the actor could play is the intergalactic mercenary Lobo. In addition, a recent video of Jason Momoa leaving James Gunn’s office may suggest that he has already been offered the role. 

For now, Aquaman 2 continues in reshoots. If the movie does not delay its release, we will see it on December 20, 2023. It is unlikely that there will be another postponement of this film. The reason is that DC wants to kick off the story that Safran and Gunn will develop. 


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