Aquaman 2 Test Screenings Are Catastrophic (RUMOUR)
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Aquaman 2 Test Screenings Reveal Film To Be Catastrophic (RUMOUR)

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BY February 22, 2023

Aquaman and The Lost Kingdom, the sequel to Aquaman, is one of the DC films we rarely discuss. The reason may be that it has generated dismal results in its screening tests. The film suffered several delays and postponements from the beginning because Warner’s CEO, David Zaslav, thought the movie was awful.

With all the time that had passed, you would think that Warner would fix the problems with the film’s plot and the quality of the characters. However, it seems that didn’t happen, as rumours from various sources suggest that early tests were disastrous. Many comments indicate that the film is awful and boring.

Aquaman 2 Jason Momoa Amber Heard Image via Warner Bros.

Rumours Indicate Aquaman 2 is Terrible

There are rumours that Warner Warners screened the film Aquaman and The Lost Kingdom, starring Jason Momoa. According to various online sources, the results were terrible. The screenings generated many negative opinions. This doesn’t look good for the film that, for many, promised a lot because the first one was excellent.

In fact, one of the criticisms received was that the first production of the franchise was better by far. They also point out that the plot seems too heavy and that the “comedy” side of the film seems overdone. They also said that Amber Heard’s appearance doesn’t have much to do with the plot, as unlike the first part, she appears very little in this film.

Jason Momoa Image via Warner Bros.

Now we will share with you some of the comments on Twitter. One of the reviews was from KC Walsh, who said: “Sounds like it went through some significant plot changes (not anything DCU related)”.

A later post from insider ViewerAnon said, “I’ll be honest, we’re half a dozen test screenings in and it’s not looking great. I’ve consistently heard over the last half year or so that it’s boring, not as good as the first, and potentially one of the worst DCEU movies.”

Another to comment on the post was BigScreenLeaks, who said, “There’s a reason I’ve been avoiding any questions about AQUAMAN AND THE LOST KINGDOM but since @ViewerAnon put it out there, It brings me no joy to back him up and tell you that test screenings for this film have not been good. Really hoping Wan fixes this movie before December”.

As you can see, everyone believes the film will flop. In fact, some say it will be pretty dull. They also detailed that this production could have the worst results in DC despite the efforts.

Jason Momoa as Lobo in James Gunn’s DC

There are questions about what Jason Momoa will do when James Gunn’s new DC spinoff begins. Many DC fans want to see him play the character of Lobo, who physically looks just like the actor.

Part of these Aquaman 2 rumours indicate that Momoa will switch roles. That’s the opinion of Jeff Sneider, who posted that the film is likely to be so bad, they would give Momoa a new role with a different character. Part of Sneider’s tweet reads, “I hear it’s terrible and that’s why Momoa is gonna be Lobo going forward. But they can’t say that yet because then it would be a lame duck… and DC is hoping to wring another billion out of the box office. First one was awful too, so not a huge surprise”.

Lobo DC Comics Image via DC Comics

For Sneider, the film is so bad that Gunn would instead end the character and have Momoa start a new one. Snieder also commented on Amber Heard’s small participation, which was so little, that she doesn’t have much influence on this one. He commented after some publications suggested that the failure was partly the actress’s responsibility.

If the rumours are true, there is still some time left for director James Wan to fix the quality of Aquaman 2. The filmmaker has until December 25, 2023, to fix this alleged mess.


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