Julia Garner Fantastic Four Casting Has Raised Controversy
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Mixed Reactions From Fans Over Marvel’s Female Silver Surfer Casting Announcement

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BY April 7, 2024

Fans have had mixed reactions to the recent casting announcement of a female Silver Surfer. Julia Garner will play the role of Shalla-Bal, an interpretation of the Herald of Galactus for Marvel Studios’ upcoming Fantastic Four movie.

The most renowned Silver Surfer in Marvel Comics is Norrin Radd, a male character whose romantic partner is Shalla-Bal. Their relationship faced challenges as he assumed his role as the herald of Galactus, leading to their eventual separation due to his obligations to serve Galactus.

Fans Share Their Thoughts on the MCU’s Silver Surfer Casting for Fantastic Four Movie with Julia Garner

The announcement of Julia Garner’s casting for Fantastic Four as the Herald of Galactus, traditionally portrayed as male in the character of Silver Surfer, has elicited various responses from fans, with some expressing excitement and others expressing skepticism.

Expressing their discontent on X (formerly Twitter), @BislyBrolin strongly criticized the decision, stating, “They’ve destroyed this beautiful movie,” regarding the casting of a female Silver Surfer.

@MillieBeats criticized the gender swap for Silver Surfer, labeling it an “unnecessary change” to the Herald of Galactus. Similarly, @papyfaye1 condemned Garner’s casting as “the most terrible Marvel news ever.”

@snucums56 expressed concern about the casting, stating that it “isn’t going to work for ” as they “didn’t want a different version” of the character.

“I like her as an actress, but this just isn’t going to work for me. I’m actually a bigger Silver Surfer fan than an F4 fan and didn’t want a different version of him. I pass.”

@OldGuyDavid2022 remarked that there should be no objection unless one “doesn’t like the choice of actress.”

“What’s the deal? There was a female Silver Surfer in the comics. This should be a no issue unless you don’t like the choice of actress to portray the female Silver Surfer.”

Why Marvel Changed Silver Surfer Gender?

Garner’s casting does not entail a gender swap, as she will not be portraying Norrin Radd but rather a distinct character, Shalla-Bal. It remains uncertain whether Radd will also feature in The Fantastic Four’s cast or if his character will be omitted entirely.

A prevalent theory regarding The Fantastic Four posits that the MCU film unfolds in an alternate universe separate from Earth-616. Marvel’s First Family eventually transitions to the franchise’s primary timeline by the movie’s conclusion.

In this scenario, Marvel Studios could have introduced Shalla-Bal instead of Norrin Radd. Thus, it could have reserved the more iconic Silver Surfer for a future introduction in the main timeline. This could be the right time to unveil the Herald of Galactus.

Rumors circulated that Marvel Studios was considering a Special Presentation with Silver Surfer. It was considered a “MANDATORY release” before Fantastic Four. However, whether this project is still in development or was abandoned due to possible behind-the-scenes adjustments at the superhero studio remains uncertain.

Marvel Studios intends that Garner play the lead Silver Surfer in the MCU. Furthermore, the decision could be considered peculiar. Norrin Radd is a beloved Marvel character who has been notably absent from the live-action realm since his last appearance in Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer.

The casting controversy comes amid online criticism directed at the MCU. This is due to its emphasis on female characters. In addition, some have coined the term “M-she-U” (M-she-U) to refer to this trend.

Likewise, the cast of Fantastic Four has stirred controversy. In particular, Pedro Pascal’s choice for the role of Reed Richards has divided opinions due to doubts about his suitability to play the elastic genius.

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