Tom Holland’s Role As an Outcast In Apple’s The Crowded Room 
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Tom Holland’s Role As an Outcast In Apple’s The Crowded Room 

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BY June 7, 2023

The Oscar-winning screenwriter Akiva Goldsman is back with yet another masterpiece. The Crowded Room is set to premiere on AppleTV+, and with Tom Holland’s role alongside Amanda Seyfried, it’s definitely one of the most anticipated upcoming crime TV series.

What is The Crowded Room about? 

The Crowded Room is yet another highly anticipated crime TV series. This TV show, created by AppleTV+, brings criminal profiling to a new level. It’s not a surprise, though! After the success of Black Bird by AppleTV+, it seems that this production house is more than capable of creating engaging, suspense TV series. 

The Crowded Room follows Danny Sullivan (Tom Holland’s role), a high school teenager. While the trailer shows Danny being bullied by a group of guys at the beginning, the series has a major plot twist when Danny turns out to be the main suspect. 

However, Amanda Seyfried’s Rya Goodwin, the interrogator in The Crowded Room, believes there’s a whole lot more to Danny’s story than the police presented. Is Danny actually guilty? This intriguing 10-episode mini-series stays suspense until the end. 


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Tom Holland’s Role as an Outcast in The Crowded Room: From a Teen Star to a World-Recognized Actor 

This time around, the trailer for Apple’s ‘The Crowded Room’ is officially here, and Tom Holland’s role as an outcast and main suspect is definitely altering the image we have of this young actor so far. With such serious roles, Amanda Seyfried and Tom Holland are showing exactly what they’re capable of as actors. 

The Crowded Room introduces Tom Holland’s role Danny as a teenager who’s often bullied. Mind you, the series takes place in 1979. Back in the ‘70s and ‘80s, people would laugh it off and continue with their lives. 

When Danny becomes the lead suspect in a mass homicide case, the Spiderman actor shows a new side of himself. Up until now, we haven’t really seen Tom Holland in a rather complex, serious role such as this. 

As far as the trailer shows, Tom is yet to become a star when it comes to his acting talent. From suffering from bullying, to essentially becoming an outcast in the society, Tom’s character Danny shows a lot of room for improvisation. 

Moreover, Tom Holland’s role is not the only peculiar one. Amanda’s role as Rya Goodwin, the main interrogator on Danny’s case, also stands out from the crowd. Many know Amanda from rom-coms such as Mean Girls, Mamma Mia!, and Dear John. However, Amanda Seyfried is finally showing off her talent as an actress. This, let’s call it a ‘more serious’ role, really brings out a different side of Amanda. 

Fun fact: Rya Goodwin (Amanda Seyfried) shares a romantic spark with Detective Matty Dune, portrayed by Amanda’s real-life husband Thomas Sadoski! This is yet another nice touch from the AppleTV+, since the on-screen chemistry is on point.

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