The Batman Spinoff Series The Penguin Launches First Trailer
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The Batman Spinoff Series ‘The Penguin’ Launches First Trailer

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BY April 13, 2023

Although James Gunn and Peter Safran will change the plot of the DC Cinematic Universe, some stories will continue their course. This is the case with The Batman spinoff, The Penguin. The movie starring Robert Pattinson, which showed the beginnings of The Dark Knight, will have a continuation in a series format.

This movie was one of DC’s few successes in the cinema, which has led to new productions. One of these was the sequel to the character of the Penguin, which tells how he went from being a sidekick to one of Gotham’s top criminals. We will also have a sequel to The Batman.

The Batman Spinoff: New Trailer for The Penguin Viralizes in Social Media

DC Films released the new trailer for The Batman spinoff, The Penguin, which immediately went viral online. In the trailer, we can see part of the plot of this series being developed by Warner and DC. In the short film, we see how Falconi’s fall affects this villain, who sees how his career as a criminal is in decline, being literally on the street.

However, it also shows how he gradually rises in the criminal world until he becomes one of the main criminals in the city. In this The Batman spinoff, we will see how several mafia members kidnap the Penguin, starred by Colin Farrel, intimidate him, and try to eliminate him. Those who know the character know that he does not know how to give up, manages to escape, and, with the help of a young man, starts from scratch and gets a criminal emporium.

The trailer brought something exciting and was imaged from the shooting set. In some parts, we can see the production team, such as cameramen, lighting and others responsible for the scenery.

This teaser of The Batman spinoff has been a joy for fans of this new Batman saga. Another good news is that there is another product of this production. We don’t know what this elseworld has in store for us. But if there’s one thing the Batman universe has, it’s interesting characters.  

More The Penguin Series Details

The Penguin, la serie de Max, ofrece su primer y oscuro vistazo en un  violento trailer, protagonizado por Colin Farrell Image: Warner Bros.

The Batman spinoff, as mentioned above, is a continuation of the plot of The Batman and will focus on the story of this iconic villain. Matt Reeves repeats as director of this production. The filmmaker will also act as producer in this opportunity, being quite active in its development. The showrunner and screenwriter of the series is Lauren LeFranc, the writer responsible for Warner’s series, The Agents of Shield.

As for the cast of this Batman spinoff, we have Collin Farrel playing the role of The Penguin. There will also be actress Cristin Milioti, who will play Falconi’s daughter, Sofia. Lieutenant Gordon, played by Jeffrey Wright, will likely appear.

It is unlikely that Robert Pattinson’s Batman will appear in this The Batman spinoff. First, he does not appear in the trailer of the film. Besides, it would take away prot.

Featured Image Via Warner Bros. 

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