Spider-Man Amazon Series Suspended Due To Writer's Strike
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Spider-Man Amazon Series Suspended Due To Writer’s Strike

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BY May 26, 2023

Amazon Prime was developing a live-action series of the Spider-Man character. This was with an alliance made with Sony, in which they decided to create new stories about the arachnid. According to the statements, they would be out of the space of all existing productions, including the Miles Morales version.

These productions brought a lot of expectations and excitement to the fans. However, it did not last long. The recent strike of the showrunners forced the team to close the studios and even the writer’s area. They also suspended the development of the two series scheduled to be filmed in these months.

Amazon Prime Spider-Man Series Suspended Due to Strike

Sony Developing Marvel Series 'Silk: Spider Society' With 'The Walking  Dead' Showrunner - The DisInsider

Amazon Prime Video is producing two Spider-Man series in conjunction with Sony. The official titles of these productions are Silk: Spider Society and Spider-Man Noir. This generated a lot of excitement among fans for the possibility of two new stories of the Spider-Man hero.

Although they did not have a planned release date, this information seems to take some time due to the strike of writers and directors. The leaders, Chris Miller and Phil Lord stressed that the development was suspended and the writer’s and directors’ rooms were closed indefinitely.

The two filmmakers clearly stated that they supported the WGA strike in Hollywood. They indicated that they are standing up for the rights of writers. They also stated that they support the call for awareness due to the recent use of Artificial Intelligence to write screenplays. The directors commented that the film industry must realize that a script written by a person is better than one written by a machine with AI. On the latter, they stated:

“One of the reasons we’re out pushing so hard on these projects is it’s important for people to see how good things can be when they’re not written by a computer.” They added: “We’re of the opinion that when distinctively written and directed movies and TV shows succeed it helps filmmakers make the case for the commercial value of writing and directing. We want to support the finished work, to make the case to the powers that be for the value of well-written entertainment. It is good for the WGA if finished written work succeeds.”

The suspension of Amazon’s Spider-Man series may last a long time. Considering it will have the same period as the strike, the latter shows signs that it will take too long.

What We Know about the New Live-Action Series of the Arachnid

Spider-Man Amazon Series Image: Marvel Comics

The stories will be separate from the plots Sony showed in theaters. This includes the Spider-Man versions, The Amazing Spider-Man, the Miles Morales version, and the Spider-Universes. However, Phil Lord and Chris Miller will be involved as producers on Spider-Man: Across the Spiderverse.

These will bring quite peculiar characters throughout the story, showing the best of the series and the arachnid hero. It will also feature interesting and entertaining action that could shock fans of the series.

As for its development, it was in the early stages; in fact, it would be in the script-writing stages. This is why neither of the two productions can move forward due to the showrunner strike.

For now, Amazon has not stated if it will cancel the production or wait to continue its development. However, one certain thing is that in a good while, we will not see a new Spider-Man story within the company’s Prime Video platform.

Featured Image Via Amazon Prime / Marvel Comics 

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