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The Flash’s First Trailer Teases Henry Cavill’s Superman

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BY May 26, 2023

We are only a month away from the release of The Flash movie, and the production and marketing team are saturating the networks with content. Some previews showed exciting things about the movie, such as the existence of two Barry Allen’s, and Michael Keaton’s versions of Batman and the first appearance of Sasha Calle’s Kara Zor El. One detail that might have gone unnoticed from the first The Flash clip was a mention of Henry Cavill’s Superman. The actor is no longer in the DCEU ranks since appearing in the Black Adam cameo. However, there is a rumor that it could appear as his farewell to the character and an honoring that James Gunn and Peter Safan would do to the artist.

The Flash First Clip Shows Some References to Henry Cavill’s Superman

In the movie clip, we saw how both versions of Barry Allen, played by Ezra Miller, go to the Batcave after General Zod threatens the world. They first encounter Keaton’s version of Batman, who decides to help them find the Kryptonian locked up in the government facility.

One of the clearest references appears in The Flash first clip to Henry Cavill’s Superman occurs when the original Barry Allen makes a comment, “He’s not Clark Kent,” when he encounters Kara Zor El. Indicating that the character did not make it to Earth, as was the case with his cousin, bringing the question, What happened to Superman in that universe? 

Several hypotheses exist, such as that he was trapped in the phantom dimension and never arrived on Earth. Another worse theory, although it concurs with one of the comics, is that the character would reach Apokolips, Darkseid’s planet. In one of the Superman plots, the villain finds Superman and uses him to attack and bend the Earth. This could be an option in this case. 

Other references to the character are his enemy in the Man of Steel movie, General Zod. He arrives with his entire fleet on Earth to conquer it, which brings up another concern: does General Zod already have the Codex? The military was looking for Henry Cavill’s Superman for this element of the planet Krypton, which contains all the genetic information of the citizens of this world.

With all this, the alternative is that The Flash show additional references to Henry Cavill’s Superman. It could be a cameo during the plot, even his defeat at the hands of General Zod. There may even be a post-credit scene with this Cavill character appearing on stage and saying goodbye to the DCEU.

Other Barry Allen Movie Details

The Flash New Images Image: Warner Bros. Pictures

The Flash movie will show the first appearance on the big screen of the Flashpoint phenomenon. This is change in time caused by the Scarlet speedster’s trip to the past, changing small elements but causing a big impact.

As in the animated version, the first Flashpoint is triggered by Barry Allen trying to save his mother. In the movie, it would be like in an alternate reality, considering that there will be two Barry Allen, one with the speedster’s powers and the other an ordinary boy with a normal life with his family. Another similar fact is the disaster that Flash creates when traveling in time, putting at risk the existence of the planet.

In the movie, we can notice Ezra Miller, who plays both versions of Barry Allen. The Flash will also bring Sasha Calle as Kara Zor El or Supergirl, replacing Henry Cavill’s Superman. Likewise, there will be two versions of Batman, the first of Ben Affleck, saying goodbye to the DCEU and Michael Keaton’s edition.

This production will be in theaters on June 16, 2023, and then on the new Streaming platform, MAX.

Featured Image Via Warner Bros. Pictures  


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