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New ‘Cursed’ Trailer Gives Us Hope for Another Brave Netflix Adaptation

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BY June 30, 2020
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Are you starting to get tired of re-watching the same series after months of stay-at-home orders? The future of film and television is constantly evolving, but there’s still plenty to look forward to. The first look photos of Netflix’s upcoming series Cursed looked intriguing enough. A new trailer just dropped, and now we’re definitely excited. Check out the new trailer for Cursed below.

New Cursed Trailer Makes It Look Bingeworthy

The trailer shows us hints of intense sword fighting, heroic bravery, and a thrilling tale of adventure. Cursed will take the classic Arthurian legend and deliver it to us from a new angle. The story follows Nimue (Katherine Langford, best known for Netflix’s 13 Reasons Why and Knives Out) and Arthur (Devon Terrell) as they attempt to deliver an ancient and powerful sword to Merlin (Gustaf Skarsgård). They’ll find themselves facing plenty of challenges on their way.

Cursed is an adaptation of Tom Wheeler and Frank Miller’s illustrated novel of the same name. Miller and Wheeler are both a part of the show and credited as executive producers. So, fans of the original work can stay hopeful that the series will keep the same things that made the story great.

Cursed Will Hit Our Small Screens Soon

As seen in the new Cursed trailer, the Netflix adaptation will be available for streaming on July 17th. The first season will have ten episodes, with no word of a second season (yet). Overall, the series appears to promise a new take on a classic tale. We’re more than hopeful that it will please our need for something new and exciting, while also satisfying the part of us that still misses Merlin.

Are you planning on watching Cursed? Let us know your expectations for the series before it releases on July 17th.

Featured image via Netflix.

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