Is Vampire Academy Renewed? Here’s Everything We Know
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Is Vampire Academy Renewed? Here’s Everything We Know

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BY January 28, 2023

Ever since the movie adaptation of Richelle Mead’s novel was released, we were head over heals in love with the franchise. How can anyone be resistant to the overprotective, but loving Dimitri? And just like that, we also got to see the TV series adaptation. Is Vampire Academy renewed for season 2? Read on to find out.

About Richelle Mead’s Novel Franchise VA

I know that TikTok kind of ‘popularized’ the dark academy genre when it comes to books. In the era of young-adult (YA) novels, it’s time to remember Richelle Mead’s Vampire Academy. She basically invented the grumpy, overprotective male characters! Richelle Mead wrote the novel franchise back in the 2010s

The plot follows Rosemarie (Rose) Hathaway as she becomes her best friend’s guardian. In a mystical Vampire/Supernatural Academy, Rose meets Dimitri. Moreover, Rose has to undergo Dimitri’s training program. 

This, of course, grew into something much more (for both sides). While Rose is slowly falling under Dimitri’s influence, Dimitri is hiding his feelings for Roza. However, they soon reveal their feelings after an attack on the Academy. 

Many may be mad at me for bringing this as the main plot point, but for me, it was! However, for those who love action and dark mystery moments, the novels are full of them! 

Is Vampire Academy Renewed for Season 2?

After a rather unsuccessful (but brilliant) movie adaptation, Julie Plec decided to make a TV series adaptation. In 2021, season 1 of Vampire Academy aired. However, it did not have the best viewership. Whether or not Julie Plec decides to have Vampire Academy renewed depends on finding a new streaming service for it. In fact, she is already searching. Since the Peacock streaming service dropped the show, Julie is now moving on. 

Moreover, this was her public reply to the premature cancellation of Vampire Academy: “To answer your question, yes we will absolutely be knocking on doors to find a new home for it. I just can’t fathom a show people like with so much story left to tell not having a chance to do so.”

And she couldn’t be more right! With only novel 1 out of 6 adapted so far, we have a lot to look forward to. We are still to find out who is behind the attacks on the Academy. Moreover, we are looking forward to the original cast from season one to come back. Sisi Stringer, Daniela Nieves, Kieron Moore, and André Dae Kim are some of the main faces from season 1 of Vampire Academy

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