Vampire Academy Show and the Vampire Diaries
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Vampire Academy Show and the Vampire Diaries

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BY October 1, 2022
Over the last few days, Peacock released the first four episodes of their new supernatural series, Vampire Academy show. This is an adaptation of the best-selling book series, which also became a standalone film. However, after the film adaptation became a critical and commercial flop, Peacock decided to focus on a reboot television series instead. Naturally, as the Vampire Academy show is a supernatural series, many fans have noticed similarities between it and other shows in this genre. In particular, fans have noticed some things that seem remarkably close to The Vampire Diaries. Spoilers ahead if you haven’t seen the first four episodes of Vampire Academy!
At the start of the episode, we hear Lissa Dragomir and Rose Hathaway give a voiceover. During these scenes, they give us tons of exposition about the world of the Vampire Academy show. This includes key information about the different types of supernatural in this world and the characters’ relationships with each other. During this voiceover, it becomes clear that Hathaway and Dragomir are the leads of the series. Sound familiar? That’s because it is!At the start of the first few seasons of The Vampire Diaries, we got a voiceover from none other than Stefan Salvatore. Sometimes, his brother Damon or love interest Elena joined him in delivering these voiceovers. Of course, voiceovers as intros aren’t exclusive to The Vampire Diaries – plenty of other shows have them. However, it’s interesting that the visuals and cadence of Hathaway and Dragomir are suspiciously similar to Salvatore’s.

What happened in The Vampire Diaries?

Vampire Academy Show Image: Peacock

The Vampire Diaries was easily one of the greatest supernatural TV shows. The main reasons for this include its extensive mythology, three-dimensional characters, and immersive plot. As such, the original show had no less than two additional spinoff shows and expanded material. Although it might’ve ended over five years ago, the release of the Vampire Academy show indicates that the vampire genre is still alive (or dead?) and kicking.

During the opening of The Vampire Diaries, Stefan made it clear that he was the show’s narrator by stating, “this is my story.” Even though the narrative changed later, with a focus on his brother, Damon, instead, Stefan remained a key part of the story. In fact, during one opening piece of narration, Stefan says, “I shouldn’t have come home. I know the risk, but I had no choice. I have to know her.” In this, the “her” refers to Elena, but it later becomes clear that he was referring to Elena’s doppelganger, Katherine.

In contrast, the narration for the Vampire Academy show is markedly different in tone. Stefan establishes The Vampire Diaries as taking place within the human world, but Vampire Diaries does away with this notion entirely. Additionally, there’s no mention of particular romances in the Vampire Academy show’s narration. Hathaway and Dragomir describe the rules of the Vampire Academy world and describe things that could change each relationship in the show.

Vampire Academy Show Plot

Vampire Academy Show Image: Peacock

Additionally, Stefan is shown to be a loner, hiding away from the humans as best as he can. In contrast, Hathway and Dragomir are shown to be best friends, and they have each other for comfort. However, one similarity that remains in the book series could occur in the Vampire Academy show.

Dragomir is involved in a car accident in the book, ultimately leading to her family dying. Notably, this is similar to the car accident which kills Elena’s mother and father in The Vampire Diaries. The fall after this accident is when Elena becomes involved with the Salvatore brothers, and her whole life changes completely. There’s no mention if they’ll show the accident in the Vampire Academy show, but it’s a pretty important moment for Dragomir. Like Elena, it leads to Dragomir becoming part of the supernatural world and shows her decisions to try and improve it for everyone. This political aspect is vastly different to that of The Vampire Diaries, which tended to focus on relationships and mythology.

You can catch the first four episodes of Vampire Academy on Peacock, with additional new episodes streaming each Thursday. The full seven series of The Vampire Diaries are also available on Peacock and HBO Max.

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