How Many Andor Episodes Will the First And Second Season Have?
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How Many Andor Episodes Will the First And Second Season Have?

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BY November 15, 2022

With the resounding success of Andor’s tenth episode, many fans wonder how many episodes the first and second seasons will have. While the series may not be a smash hit, it has a captive segment of customers. That may be why fandom is excited about this news.

After Disney acquired Lucasfilm to take advantage of what George Lucas created, several projects have come to light, although not all of them have turned out well.

With the launching of the Andor series, Disney expanded the Stars Wars saga, aiming to reposition this legendary story. Its first part consisted of 12 episodes, and if you are wondering if it will continue, the answer is a resounding yes.

How Many Andor Episodes Will There Be?

Andor Season 2 confirmation Image via Lucasfilm

Andor premiered and started on the right foot, attracting the attention of fans. It brought us a different approach from the traditional Star Wars saga.

Its last episode, number 10, was excellent, and maybe some people thought it would end there. But no, there are still two more to go. Also, Disney has announced that there will be a season 2 of the Andor series.

The first season’s plot showed Cassian traveling throughout the galaxy, tasked with carrying out various missions of a nascent rebellion. This story has allowed viewers to visualize the information they were unaware of, the key to knowing how the Galactic Republic Empire grew and formed.

Therefore, the second season may follow the same path to deepen the story. So far, we know that the next season will consist of 12 episodes, as happened with the first one.

Likewise, this season will close the story of Cassian Andor, depending on the work he has been delegated to do for Rogue One. The exact release date of the second season is still being determined, most likely for next year.

Andor Season 2 Confirmed, What we Know so Far

Star Wars Andor Image: Lucasfilm/Disney

Confirmed! Fans can rest assured Andor season 2 is on its way, and we already know how many episodes it will have. We will continue to see spy Cassian Andor continue his rebellion.

A new report corroborates that Andor season 2 will soon begin filming. Also, it has been brought forward that Yavin IV will be back, which makes perfect sense. If you look at this story’s timeline, this character’s appearance is necessary.

Collider is the one who recently spoke with Tony Gilroy, Andor’s showrunner. In this case, he stated that the earliest estimated start date for the Andor film is November 21, 2022.

The Andor showrunner corroborated that “production will begin on the Monday before Thanksgiving, that is, November 21. He explained that he would fly to London to be there for the first shot of the season, before turning around and returning home for the vacations.”

More Information About the Andor Second Season

Andor Season 2 Image: Lucasfilm/Disney

In the second article published by Collider, it is confirmed that there will indeed be a second season of Andor, where they confirm how many episodes it will have and will be seen back on Yavin IV. Our rebel spy has the mission to bring the rebellion close to when the plot of Rogue One begins. In the first season, the rebels established the base on Yavin IV.

Janus Metz, Ariel Kleiman, and Alonso Ruiz Palacios are joining the directing team for this new season. In addition, Beau Willimon and Dan Gilroy will return to the story of the second plot of the series. This, of course, alongside newcomer Tom Bissell from Star Wars, who will join the writers’ room.

During the eulogy to this prominent writer, Tom Bissell, the presence of the character Yavin is revealed. In that eulogy, he described, “We really wanted to make sure we had another pro because we’re going to Rogue (One), and we’re going to Yavin, and then we’re going to go into places where we eventually need to weave our way back to the source.”

Opinions about the first season are at odds. One sector is completely enthralled with the story, while others see the development happening too slowly. 

What do you think of the Andor series? We’ll read you in the comments.

Featured Image Via Disney 

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