Indiana Jones 5 Rumors Point That Test-Screenings Were Terrible
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Indiana Jones 5 Rumors Point That Test-Screenings Were Terrible

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BY November 10, 2022

Indiana Jones 5 rumors indicate that the film is facing a difficult scenario. Recent test screenings have gone horribly wrong.

Disney is in the midst of production on Indiana Jones 5. In this new installment, we will see Harrison Ford use the archaeologist’s whip and suit for the last time. We know from the actor’s statements that it would be the last production of the franchise in which he will participate due to his age.

The detail is that the filming does not have good projection, according to rumors that circulate on the studies carried out by Disney. Users who saw part of the filming were unsatisfied with either the plot or the ending. As stated, the outcome caused the most dissatisfaction due to the high expectations about the production. 

With the poor results of Indiana Jones Part 4, it is understandable that Disney is concerned about this fact. Also that they take measures in this regard, among which could be not seeing the film in theaters but only on its streaming platform. We should clarify that rumors indicate that it would not be the franchise’s end, but a token pass, arguably part of the problem.   

Indiana Jones 5 Rumors Point That Test Screenings Were Terrible

Harrison Ford as Indiana Jones Image via Walt Disney Studios

The fifth part of the franchise is Disney’s bet to lift the failure of part 4. However, Indiana Jones 5 rumors indicate that Disney’s projections for this production could be more encouraging. YouTuber Overlord DVD explained that the studio tested six different endings, and none pleased the users.

The problem the studio has is how to make a transition between protagonists. Because Harrison Ford is leaving in this last movie and Disney wants to make more movies, a baton step is necessary. That’s why Phoebe-Waller Bridge is expected to take the place of Indiana Jones in this production.

The problem lies in how to do it. Management is testing endings to determine which would please users the most. One of the possible scenarios is that Indi dies at the end of the movie, and Bridge’s character takes his place. This scenario differs from fans’ liking, who saw the character grow in the first three movies.

Facing the scenario of failing to make a proper ending for the film and failing in theaters. Disney may consider not releasing it in theaters but on its streaming platform. Because canceling it is not an option if the change of protagonist is to be made.

If the rumor is true, this could be fatal for the company and a failure for Indiana Jones 5, considering that they want to expand it and the result of part 4, a bad result, is a hard blow, according to the objectives that Disney has. It would also indicate that the company should have allowed Lucasfilm to continue developing the franchise from the beginning. 

Movie Facts Known so Far

Indiana Jones 5 Update Image via Walt Disney Studios

Apart from these rumors, Disney is developing Indiana Jones 5 outside the LucasFilm studio and the Star Wars environment. Unlike the four previous versions, this production was neither written by George Lucas nor directed by Steven Spielberg. However, the latter participates as the producer of this filming.

The film has Jez Butterworth and John-Henry Butterworth as screenwriters and is led by James Mangold, the Logan and Ford Vs director. Ferrari. The cast includes Harrison Ford, who will play Indiana Jones, Phoebe Waller-Bridge, Thomas Kretschmann, Mads Mikkelsen, Shaunette Renée Wilson, Boyd Holbrook, Toby Jones, and Antonio Banderas.

In this film, we will see Indy’s last adventure, although we are still determining what object he will have to look for this time. What is certain is that in Indiana Jones 5, we will see the archaeologist’s successor, which rumors indicated would be the character of Bridge, which suggests that she is like his ward or protégé.

The ending of Indiana Jones 5 is concerning, considering the existing rumors. According to these screening tests, they have failed to place an ending fit to honor the archaeologist. For viewers, the scenario of his death is not viable, and there may be many alternative endings with better results. 

For the time being, the film has a planned release date of June 20, 2023. However, rescheduling is not ruled out if the rumors of low projections of this production turn out to be true.

Featured Image Via Paramount Pictures 



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